Break me

Make me scream

Hurt me

Shame me

Blame me

Tame me.

Can you handle my angst?

The blood everywhere

The scars

That suggest

I am not happy

Can you sympathize?

Well don't

I hate pity

Don't pity me

I enjoy the pain

And the blood

The warm


As it tells my skin sweet secrets

Of forbidden ecstasy

Better then any drug

Or any human contact

Can you compete?

My unquenchable thirst for pain

Will be the end of me

But until then

Leave me be

Because of you

Because of this world

Because of myself

I pray for death

I pray to die a horrible slow

Agony, arm twisting

Gut wrenching death

But all the while

I would laugh

Laugh so hard

You would think I was happy

But in the end

Happiness is a metaphor

An Unachievable goal

Set by the heavens

To give us reason to live

Or reason to die.