A/N: This is a story I came up with awhile back; and just now started to pick back up again. This deals with the supernatural; and as well as some different issues. If you're into paranormal studies; this is the place for you. 3 All I ask of you is not to flame me. I hate flamers. They only get what's coming to them if they do so choose to bash my work. Aside from that; come on in. . I'd be more than happy to hear from you. .

DISCLAIMER: This story, and all of it's characters are mine. Some is based on a true experience. Please do not take any of this without my consent. Thanks, and enjoy your stay! 3

Call me a nomad. I assure you, that I will agree. A being not of this world; and yet, I have lived here for most of my life. A soul without body; a spirit without reason. Forever searching; but, never being able to trace back to her existence. Never discovering where she came from; who she really is; or even, where she was conceived; yet, she knows she was conceived from the seed of her parents; the fruits of magic; and the plain of the undead.

That's right. I said undead. I am a soul without a body. Labeled by the scientists as a fiction novel. Un-existing. Unknown by human mortals. At least, those who choose not to seek out what is beyond the beyond. I guess I am a lady of the cosmos. I don't know. I'm here; I'm now; and I'm me.

But, really. I ask of you this: who are these scientists with their microscopes, and petri dishes? These people who claim that we are merely fiction. Pipe dreams. Figments of the imagination; created by a human soul to ease the fear of them going 'insane.'

Do these guys really know, and understand what is out there? Relying only on their equipment alone; and not the human mind, human intuition, or human belief? Do they seriously think that they know it all?

I think not.

You see, I've been there; done that; got the t-shirt. Had my share of people telling me I'm a fake, I'm a dream; and that I'm just psychologically impaired.

The reason behind all this?

Because so many choose not to seek out what is right in front of them. We're here, people. You just gotta look harder to find us; versus just blinking an eye, and POOF! there we are.

All I have to say is: Thank God for 'ghost hunters.' At least they are willing to open up, and seek us out. They give their life to learning about what could be out there. And that, is what we wish. To be discovered.

I can't say that my life has been an easy one. In fact, it's just the complete opposite. I had no purpose; no meaning. I was a genuine 'street rat.' Nobody cared; and nobody even gave a second glance. They just cast me out. All because I was different.

But, hey, I was okay. I held a lot of how I felt inside. I had no choice, really. I mean, I could have been outside, screaming at the top of my lungs; and no one would hear me. Or rather, care to hear me. I was a loner. I had to face that fact.

But, little did I know; all that would change…thanks to my own 'diamond in the rough…'