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Many people think that this job is easy. They think it's some 'rose garden,' where you punch in; screw off all day; then punch out expecting your paycheck on a silver platter.

Well, I hate to burst anyone's bubble- but, in fact- it's just the opposite.

Like in your big corporate office; we have a business to run. And unlike the majority out there; this one takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to manage properly.

What do we do, exactly?

Well, we're 'guardians of the un-dead.' Protectors, if you will; of the plains, and realms that mortals choose not to look to. A place where a soul retreats to after death; and can crossover, and return to on their own. Like a 'Stargate' almost.

For short; we're called 'Plainswalkers.' Like the one that runs a company is called a 'manager.' We also have a special name for ourselves. I cannot say this has been a great job. In fact, I didn't even want to do this job in the first place. But, I chose to.

A sacrifice of a life, for a life. An 'honorable cause,' as a few have told me; but, in fact: was it really honorable?

I sometimes questioned that.

I question a lot of things. Questions of: 'Should I even have bothered?' Especially when the one you gave up your freedom for doesn't even show signs of gratitude.

That's right. I said 'freedom.'

We're servants to the 'higher powers,' if you will. An eternity of service with jack in return. That's my job. Take it, or leave it. I guess I have to live with it; as I did choose it.

But, what sucked the most, was this: in the job of a Plainswalker: you are not allowed to love out of your own 'rank.'

Stupid rule; I know. But, it's a law created for a reason beyond my understanding, long ago. Back when the word 'Plainswalker' was just being created. Brought into existence, if you will.

There are many levels of ourselves- Watchers, Necromancers, Guardians, Spirit Guides, and Plainswalkers. A Plainswalker can only love a fellow Plainswalker. That's how it was in this job.

That, I think, is apart of the reason people consider me such a 'cold heart.' I swore off love altogether. To me, it's a stupid, petty emotion that so many let infect their body with it's virus: making them go from 'normal' to 'silly.' Not my kind of emotion that I choose, thanks.

Maybe if I had been able to change this law, it would have been better. But, I couldn't. I was powerless to do so.

So, in my eyes- if I could never truly be happy- then, why bother?

But, in my years of being in this life: I learned that some things can in fact be changed; some rules meant to be broken. Sometimes: miracles can, and will occur.

It was not long before my 22nd birthday; and little did I know…I was about to receive the present of my very afterlife…

…Allow me now to introduce the story. The fiber that holds my writings all together. Join, me, won't you? On my journey of a lifetime…



The sun had just peaked through the window of a lakeside cottage, as a form growled from within a mess of blankets.

"God fucking damn it," a voice cursed; groaning in debate, as a hint of newborn sunshine had cast it's rays upon the owner's delicate features.

An evil hiss broke the serene setting; as the covers were thrown back: revealing a young woman still lying on the mattress; a silent plea for this to be a holiday; and for she to grab a few more hours.

'Holiday my ass,' she thought with a scoff; pulling her still-tired form out from the bed in which had supplied her warm, and cozy state- bringing her silver, silk pajamas back to their original state; versus the twisted, and tangled state that they had been placed into due to sleeping.

The young lady sighed; fixing her mussed up, pearl-pink hair; and rubbing her eyes slightly- a burst of deep lavender coming fourth, as they opened completely.

She looked over to her alarm.

"6AM. Lovely," she spoke with sarcasm; throwing a black bathrobe around herself; and heading downstairs.

Making her way to the kitchen; she quickly made a pot of coffee- grabbing the daily newspaper that had made it's appearance upon her front step every morning; deciding to take a look.

'Might as well kill some time while the coffee's brewing,' she thought; taking a seat upon the white-oak chair at the dining room table.

The female had lived alone- as she had preferred it. So, buying a bunch of chairs for no one to sit in was ridiculous in her eyes.

Her haven was small. Enough for one; and maybe two people with the right adjustments, and additions made to it. Perched right before a vast, sparkling lake; lines of great mountains her almost 3-D view, as she gazed towards the back window.

Once the pot of coffee had brewed; the woman stood up: making her way over, and grabbing a single, white cup from the far-right cabinet; setting it down, and receiving some creamer from the fridge.

Pouring the coffee; the woman added her likings of cream, and sugar to the mug- mixing it with a nearby spoon, as she took her first sip.

Her pale lips curved into a satisfied smirk.

'Just the way I like it,' she thought; mentally giving herself a pat on the back, as she returned to her place at the table.

Grabbing the paper; she flipped through some of the columns; checking the weather; sports; and front headlines.

Once she had finished with that; she decided to have a little fun.

Searching, she came across the announcement pages; deciding to check a few out.

'Hmm,' she thought, shifting her pretty eyes to the lower left sector, 'Ryan Spade & wife Melinda announce the comings of their divorce this past Tuesday. Couple says it didn't work out; and are planning to make this official by next summer.'

The lady grinned, "That's what happens when you let such a stupid emotion strike you with it's venom."

Laughing a bit to herself; she shifted her eyes to something else- blinking:

'Nate and Kelly Winters both announce the arrival of their daughter, Rochelle Amanda-'

She scoffed, "Another brat to add to the world. Splendid," she spoke with a malicious-type of grin, 'Well, least it isn't me. I'll give them that one.'

Flipping to the continuing page; the woman eyed something different.

Bringing her gaze towards it; she blinked.

"Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston wed in California. On-lookers say that the couple plan on going to Bermuda for their honeymoon; and plan on spending a well-balanced future together."

The woman shook her head; rolling her purple eyes.

"Love," she spoke with a hiss, "What a crock of sh-"

She was about to end her statement; when a ringing cut her off.

She grumbled; standing up, and walking towards the black, cordless phone on the countertop.

'Who the hell would dare to call me this early?' she boomed in her thoughts; rolling her eyes at the third ring.

"Shut up! I hear ya!" she cursed; grabbing the front from it's rightful place; hitting the white 'talk' button on the front, bringing it to her ear, "What?"

A silent pause made it's appearance, before a female voice spoke, "Good morning to you too."

The woman wasn't amused.

"Meh," she spoke; knowing exactly who it was.

The other line giggled, "So; getting into trouble a little early today…aren't we, Yvette?"

The other woman; now called 'Yvette,' smirked, "Trouble? No way. You're only in trouble if you get caught, now, aren't you, Sierra?"

Sierra sighed, "Suppose so. But, at least you've still got your…uhh…'positive' attitude?"

"Ha ha," Yvette spoke blandly; sitting back down, and sipping her coffee.

Sierra coughed, "So; look- I know it's early; but, I called for a reason."

Yvette paused.

'Please let it be a day off. Please let it be a day off-' she pleaded in her thoughts; only to be cut off by-

"Well, I need your assistance."

Yvette face-faulted.


The young woman had known it was something to do with a business deal. A day off was highly unlikely. After all, people of her job never got days off. It was a 365 workday for them.

"Yeah. The other Plainswalker that I asked got sick with the flu; and I didn't want that around our client. You know, infecting people, and such," Sierra continued.

"Uh-huh," Yvette responded without interest.

"So, what's in it for me?"

"Lots. The boss says she'll offer you a good salary; and she's even got facilities that you can stay in. Like a hotel, almost…but, more mansion-like; and with an outdoor pool," Sierra persuaded.

The other woman knew that Yvette was one of the hardest ones to convince for a job. At least without some type of self-profit in the deal; so, she was willing to try anything. Even bribing through material things.

It's not that she was selfish; but, the years of having dreams, hopes, and freedom ripped away from her was enough to turn her normally warm heart into a sheet of ice.

From the start; Sierra had known that Yvette wasn't like most spirits that she had known.

For starters, she didn't care for her job- unlike most of the rest, who were quite satisfied with their duties.

Sierra knew, that as the Grim Reaper; she had to sometimes push back her personal feelings to maintain her own 'business.' To keep it on an employee-boss relationship; so, she wouldn't have to worry about people thinking that she favored some more than others.

But, secretly- she found the pink-haired Plainswalker to her interest.

She was a puzzle that had yet to be solved. A work of art that had yet to be completed. And this drew the young Reaper to give her missions that were unique in working; and gratifying in completing.

"So, you think a pool will make me say 'yes' to this mission, do you?" Yvette came back; setting the cup of coffee down before her; reaching for the lone, pack of Marlboro's that sat before her.

"No. But, a girl can try, can't she?" Sierra spoke, smirking through the phone lines.

"I guess," Yvette answered, slightly annoyed.

"Well, I think this could be good for you. I mean, to maybe help you discover the benefits of this job," Sierra brought fourth, only to be answered with a lightened sigh.

"Si, I've been unhappy with this job for years. What makes you think I'll suddenly wake up, and change?" Yvette challenged.

"Well, you never know. J said she's willing to be flexible; and that she's willing to make it as easy as you wish for yourself," Sierra added.

"J?" Yvette asked, cocking a thin brow to herself.

"The boss. Least, of this particular mission. She runs the place in which she asked me to look over. She seems all right," Sierra spoke, "If it's one thing I pride myself on; it's that I'm an excellent judge of character."

"An excellent judge? You? Yeah, sure, Si," Yvette spoke with doubt, lighting the cigarette that she now held between her middle, and index finger.

Sierra laughed, "'Vette, you're so cute," she grinned, "And, hey; you never know: maybe you'll even make a friend."

"I'm a loner, Sierra. Friends only stab you in the back when you're not looking," Yvette added on; inhaling some of the cigarette; letting the gray smoke emit from her lips; and into thin air.

"Not all friends. But, I'm not here to discuss that. Do you want the mission, or not?" Sierra asked.

Yvette sighed, "If I say 'no;' you're just gonna keep bugging me about it, right? Until I give in?"

"Like always," Sierra grinned; kicking back onto the couch that she sat in.

Yvette sighed out loud, "Fine. I'll do the damn mission."

"Sweet!" Sierra exclaimed, "Trust me, my friend; you won't regret this."

"You say that now-" Yvette began.

"And you'll see it later," Sierra concluded, only to receive an un-seen eye roll from the other lady.

"Ok, so I'll fax you the address now, and then just head out later today?"

"I guess. Just let me get ready, and shit," Yvette replied; taking another drag of her morning nicotine.

"Sure. I'll head off myself, then; and let you eat something. I'm sure you could use some breakfast, dear," Sierra spoke.

"Si, this is my breakfast," Yvette confirmed; gazing upon her half drank cup of coffee; and nearly smoked cigarette.

"If you say so, hon. Anyway, I'm out. I'll…talk to you later?" Sierra asked.

The female Reaper had known her friend all too well. To her, breakfast was java, and a smoke.

"Mmmhmm," Yvette concluded.

"Cool. See ya then, dear," Sierra ended as she hung-up.

Yvette placed the phone back in it's slot; as she snuffed her cigarette out into the ashtray; putting out the orange embers that were it's aftermath; and finishing her coffee; sticking the cup into the sink. She'd get it later.

Sitting back down; she gazed out onto the lake in her backyard; pausing, and going saucer-eyed.

"Holy shit, what did I get myself into?!"

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