You will never see
another tear leave these eyes
because I have lost you.
You don't even deserve
the ones I have already shed.
You are not even worth
the dirt under my fingernails.

You never treated me right.
You were always taking me for granted.
You never cared for me
even one millionth of the amount
that I cared for you.
I gave you absolutely everything
that I could think to give.

I came to you on my knees
and I offered you my heart,
the only this in the world
that meant anything to me
and you just scoffed
and threw it into the same pile
where you throw the scraps from your table.

You think you're so much better
than I could ever possibly be.
Well you're fucking mistaken.
I just never realized before
the scum you really are.
I was content looking at you
through my rose colored glasses.

Well now that you've
ripped those glasses of me,
I can see you perfectly clear
for the person you really are
and I know that I deserve some one
who I so much better than
you could ever be.