There's a monster in my closet,
hiding in the shadows
with his blood-stained claws,
waiting for me to enter.
That monster is watching me,
just praying for the light to flicker
to pull me into the closet
and tear the flesh from my bones.
The monster laughs in the dark
as I fight to stay in the light
but nobody can see the monster,
(he is invisible in the light)
hiding inside of my closet
and they won't believe me
about the monster in my closet.
There's a monster in my closet
and he wants to take me away
into that grotesque world of his-
filled with the smell of decay
from the children he has killed.
The monster stares out at me,
ready to capture me, rip me apart,
and hold my heart in his calws.
The monster's grins from the darkness
(my mother turned off the light)
and I feel the claws pull me under
as I think, do they believe me now
about the monster in my closet?