i don't have a band

i never seen a grand

i have yet to meet a man

who's hands have seen the sand

on both knees and still can breathe

the folks see and hopefully preach

to be the g they've seen on tv

but believe me, they ain't seen living

they don't see the suffering

or trouble of coming up from nothing

where i grew up is too lush

too much dudes fuck you up to act tough

it's fucked up, i've seen enough

mother fuckers getting roughed up and beaten up

from a rut of growing up amongst them

i see the love from the others of the slum but

the ones from rich dads and moms live up a front

the chicks is just as rich

they're dripping more than a soggy dish

of authentic english fish and chips

so i moved to a new hood

where pricks don't act like bitches

and the bitches get evicted

like a witch would in an age old village

so here i kick it to kris' mixes

hitting wicked kicks and scripting lyrics

waking spirits of inspiration

ain't no faking or imitating

that shit's blatent irritating

the bass hits i'm making shake the basement

and i'm four floors up,

tenants all complain and say shit

but they'll be changing all the hating

if one day i do get famous

so i'm taking names of fake dicks

in any case, my head evapes

brain's always past it's boiling state

so anyone to get a game face on

take off the apron and get their hate on

i castrate like a farmer's capon

make em taste the shame of taking on a great one

i stay strong from the stakes i placed on

my shoulder blades and hold a face

that shows an older brave son

no matter what i'm doing

no matter where i'm moving

no matter if i'm choosing

which suit should i go cruise in

i'll be doing music

keeping real just like we used to do it