everybody hands up if you remember what

only thing that hit the spot when the sun was hot

was sitting on the block sipping on a pic a pop

playing wall ball and flipping pog

we'd whip sticks and pick on chicks we dig

making faces, just kids with shit but imagination

getting chased, trying to get away from pigs

bastards coming after us for trespassing

but we're just having a blast laughing at

trashing abandonned buildings and the crap in em

i remember kicking then splittin

when cops in vision we get hopping fences

or further back before actin black was fad

we'd be blasting army men

with matches and magnifying glasses

parachuters, armed with 2 blue boomers

lit fuses tossing off a bridge on to commuters

we'd dream of kickin ass like ninja turtles

kicking back thinkin just of how to get the girls

we used to sit in the monkey trails

ride bmx and jump full rails

running down hills till your face you fell

getting grass stains and dirt in nails

foulest mouth, shouting and cussing

never givingtwo shoots, just a mother fuck-shit

living destructive looking for shit to get busted

i love it, reminescing of the shit we'd eat

cheap ass mac and cheese for 2 meals at least

screaming in the street when we hear the dickie dee

sleeping in trees, playing ball by the week

and best of all man,

walking and talking with a cassette walkman

bulgin out from the pocket