Time to Let Go

by moonlight butterfly

Time goes by

and I search for the answers

I can hardly find the reasons why…

It had to be this way

When after all those years of loving you

and losing you…

It is still that same you

Still you, that remains inside my heart

I don't want to cry

I hated the idea

But moment by moment

As thoughts of you linger in my mind

Teardrops fall inevitably

Inexplicably, unbearably

I told myself many times not to love you

Or ever wonder if you did feel that way too

All this time you are almost mine

And now…

Where are you?

Now that I need you

Now that I long for your touch

Your smile that brings the sun up after the rain

How could I ever wake up into the reality?

How could I possibly end up all this?

Have I told you I saw you again?

But it was someone else really

Have I told you how glad I was during our talk recently?

When in fact, alone, it is just I

Hanging on the idea that you

Somehow, someday…

Would come back and bring back the broken pieces of me…

I Miss You.