This is a strange world. So many different colors and sights. Smells. The people here look strange. I wiggle my fingers. The spell that was chanted to rid me of my claws was taking effect. My fingers were numb from the new feel of short nails. And my hair --- god it was short. I begged my Shhah (mother) to only cut it to my waist. But she insisted I must have it shorter, to my shoulders. Once it was up in its usual bun I wouldn't notice anyway. That's what she said. But I barely had enough hair to put it in a bun. So instead it swung freely, tied up with a hair tie instead.

I scowled and looked at the writing on the back of my hand. Luh (Aunt) Marta. I was told to meet her at the center square. Where the hell is that? Marta was sent down from Molma-yushi (my home planet) because she had wanted to explore other worlds. She must be nuts wanting to leave Molma-yushi. That was the only home I have known and from what I'm seeing now, definately the best.

I swear, at least ten spells were cast on me so I looked more human. First my claws, then my fangs, which weren't very long anyway, the shape and color of my eyes, the color of my hair, "Your clothes must be changed." Insisted Shhah.

My halu (younger sister) nearly died from laughter as I was shoved into strange human clothes. Pants, shirts, socks and shoes? Give me a break! How many things does one person need to wear?

Okay, this is getting me nowhere. I swear I've passed that tree three times. There was a bench with a boy, probably my age, (well, in these weird human years at least) 16, sitting there. I walked up to him.

"Ni mashu…" then I remembered my Engslih. "Excuse me, but could you tell me where the center square is?"

The boy looked up from the book he was reading. His eyes were grey and clouded over. He looked blind. There were some bangs peeking out from under his cap. It had a strange colored highlight to it. It took him some time to answer me. He slowly lifted his hand and pointed down one of the side roads.

I put my hands together in front of my face a ducked my head slightly. Then immediately stopped and said thank you. I started down the road and looked back at him. He was still looking at me, those foggy grey eyes seeming to look right through me. He barely had any eyebrows and he never blinked. His stare creeped me out. I turned forward again and sped up my pace. What was with him? Though I had to admit, he was kind of handsome. Actually, he was very handsome.

I turned a corner in the road and came out in the bright sunshine. I blocked my eyes immediately. It was so bright. Everyone here had such dark (tan) skin. I looked down at my own pale skin. On Molma-yushi, the sun was only up five hours of the day, even in the middle of summer, but it was only slightly brighter than Earth's dusk.

People were crowding around stands and booths, and an auction was being held in the center of the square. People were waving pieces of green paper in the air. What strange customs humans have. I'll never be able to get used to and learn everything.

There was a fountain nearby with lots of pieces of metal with faces printed on them. I stared at them for a while. How strange! What kind of world was this? Who throws metal into water?

"Bela! Bela! Is that you?" A high-pitched voice sounded, which caused many people to turn and stare. I winced as a large woman attempted to run at a fast speed towards me. Oh god please don't tell me that's Luh Marta! I begged.

"Sheh hal mi necka Marta?" (Is your name Marta?) I asked in my native tongue once she reached me. I hated the English language. Too complicated. For all I cared, if someone spoke Molmian, I would be glad to have a conversation with them.

"Ah…. Mie mie Bela (yes yes Bela) I'm so very glad you could come!"

"It wasn't really my choice," I muttered.

"Ah you'll be happy here!" Marta said cheerfully, putting an arm around my shoulders and leading me towards a bright red metal thing on four wheels.
"C'mon, get in," my Luh urged when she saw me hesitate.

What did I get myself into?! What I did on Molma-yushi to get sent down to this awful world… it wasn't even my fault!

I pulled the handle and the door opened. I sat down on the leather seat, and when I felt the rumble of the contraption start on my back and my butt, I jumped. Marta laughed at the expression on my face.