I learned over the past two years that your real home may not be where you think it is. I realized that the most strangest of places can be more of a home than the place where your real family is, and that the ugliest of people can be more important to you than your own parents. I also learned how to love, something I had never done before, something I had no experience in. I helped Mioka and he helped me. I don't know what I would ever do without him. Without Mioka I would still be a lonely outsider on my home planet, which is some way I don't want to feel like again.

Five years later I am married to Mioka, and two years after that we have an adorable set of twins, a boy and a girl, Hari and Hema. They both know of my past and their father's curse. We do not want to hide anything from them, and then have them find out about it years later in the wrong sort of way. Only my aunt knows of our true past, and she will not spread the secret. Our decendants will fill the earth, with alein blood and no one knowing. My children are all born with features of what I had when I was born. Naturally long hair with odd colos, long, sharp nails, fangs, and a different shape of eye.Though I did not place the spells on them that were cast on me. From these children with open a new generation. A new generation of looks. If anywhere in your body there is just the slightest of our alien blood, you will have these features. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Soon you won't be the only one out there that looks like that.

When this world finally comes to an end, I believe that those still out there with our alien blood will return to Molma-yushi, the home planet of their ancestors, using the power of the blood within them.

So, did you like it? It was just a random idea that came to me one day and it ended up turned out pretty good, and I didn't really expect it to.