So bored and lonely

Why wont you talk to me?

I know we're friends but,

It's starting to look like you never wanna talk

But you'll talk to everyone else

I know I got grounded from going anywhere

But it suddenly seems that now,

You do everything without me

It seems the only person, who wants to talk,

Is Kocoe who doesn't even live near

I wish he could here, me now

My heart's crying because I feel like I'm abandoned

I should stop sounding so selfish and stupid

You probably don't even care

Seems like you never do…

A/N: I was feeling utterly down when I wrote this. Kocoe wasn't online and everyone else was, but they weren't talking to me. I probably sound stupid right now and many of you are probably saying I should IM them. But I feel like a pest when I do because it takes them forever to answer then we'll have like, a 2-minute conversation and it's done. Well, just be nice cause I was feeling really down writing this.