Staring into the night sky, waiting for an answer. I sit with my questions and they ask themselves. Why am I alone? Why do I wait? A love that will never be - stolen away as fast as I grabbed it. For a fleeting glance, I held it; tight, so tight; never to let go and break my lonely heart.

It was heaven. It was hell. It was my personal sacrifice, and I did it for the good of my country. The good of all mankind depended on my choice, and I wasn't about to let him down. Heaven to be loved, hell to be broken, and I would never be forgiven for making the wrong choice.

Leave it be. Stop the hell in your life. I was loved at one time, but never again. Truth is never spoken through lies, but lies can be spoken through truth. Can I stop it? If mankind says so, I will. I have to listen to my heart, whatever it says. I'll never be alone. Never again.

He leaves me hanging; a narrow lifeline too thin to survive the fall. Snap of the fingers and crack in my heart. Anguish surrounds me as I grasp for my lingering love; the lifeline is weakening. Never will I let him tear my lifeline apart. I will survive; I can win his love.

Don't ask me to give in; it's too much to bear. The shallow pool in which I wade is filled with longing and despair. My truth is in him; the answers are in me. I can't stand it much longer, my living without him. I can't love without him. He is me, and I am dead.

I'm dead as the leaves fallen in autumn, dried to a crisp, floating across the lawn. Death was easy. Love is hard. One way is heaven, the other is despair. My life is so empty, but my heart is full. Full of heartache and never knowing love. I want someone to love. But it's easier to die than live without love.

My love is faded. Faded like old newspapers covering cracked china in the attic of my grandmother's house. Neverending like the skies. I'll never know love. Not this way. I want to love him, but death is easier than making the first move.