Thoughts On Life

As she sits gazing, still gazing, she wants to float away from this world, off into the distant horizon that is presented before her. The apple pie dreams that once invaded her head were far off in the sunset, waiting for the perfect moment to pop out and scare her half to death. Of course, no one can really expect to escape their life, only those who dare to travel inside the deep expanse of their own minds.

She imagines distant skies, speckled with pastel hues, swirling around her in a whirlwind of color; those skies are the same ones she floats through in her apple pie dreams. Can she really leave this life? Will she break free of the barriers that hold her in? Her life is supposed to be calm and rational, but she doesn't want that; her life is boring as it is now; she wants to have fun and she wants to leave this life behind. Some may say she's crazy, but she's only examining the possibilites.

Truth be told, who really knows what life is supposed to be like in the first place? No one does, and no one ever will, but maybe she can find some happiness in her world of make-believe.

She continues to float through those clouds, the fluffy marshmallow clouds dreams are made of. She forgets all her problems and revels in the freedom she has found. All her dilemmas are in the past; in this world, she's free to do whatever she pleases in her fantasy land.

A thunderstorm approaches, but it is refreshing and relaxing. The drops pelt down, but gently, as if it were the pads of a quiet kitten padding along her collarbone. They languidly flow along the length of her body, pooling at her feet in a small puddle. She lifts her arms to the heavens and screams in joyful pleasure. How wonderful to be free of all chains that kept her tied down to the mundane life she was used to! She laughs merrily, loudly, and proudly; one can only dream of a happiness this profound, so ecstatic, so thrilling, that leaves one breathless from the sheer ecstasy of being free from all nefarious crimes that life commits.

She leaps into the air, a free bird in the biggest sky of all, and lands with a splash in the puddle left at her feet. She giggles at the delight it brings, and tromps around the land, creating rockets of water. The rains continue to assault the earth, but all is right with the world; that is, her phantasm, one so right that she is lighthearted all the time.