Author's Note: Alright, I started writing this about two months ago and this is all I've got because I'm lazy. Because of that laziness, unless you readers tell me you like it, I doubt I will ever update this again, but don't worry, it works well as a short story and doesn't leave you hanging…as long as you finish the prologue AND the first chapter. Enjoy.

It is the fifth day of April, 2023. Spring is blossoming for the first time on the newly reformed Soviet Union and her allies. It is possibly going to be the last coming of spring for the free world. With the mighty Eastern powers of China, North Korea and the Soviet Union banding together for an all out offensive in purifying the world and remaking it in their own image, the hopes of freedom look bleak for the weakening UN. Only a small band of UN countries have contributed to their call for troops in the forming of the International Security Military or ISM. The UN sees it as their last hope for preserving the free world against the onslaught of millions of communist troops, but with the small numbers, and just as small a contribution of military hardware, nothing seems possible. Many of the UN countries refusing aid believe that sitting out of the war will allow them to escape from the new world order that is to come. The Eastern Powers have other plans.

Target number one is Japan, the mighty industrialist nation of the East, providing almost every country in the world with at least one thing. It is a nation that the UN cannot afford to lose, for not only would it deny them the advantage of having Japan's resources, it would eliminate the last bastion of UN power in the East. All hope lies on the barely functional ISM, and the small military force that Japan itself can field in its own defense.

At least, that is the way the world sees the situation. However, there is one other factor that the UN can count on to aid them in their fight for freedom. They have the people on their side. Vladimir Putin, former ruler of Russia and current ruler of the Soviet Union reverted back to communism and annexed his neighbors without the assent of the populace. Many Chinese fundamentalists see China allying itself with Russia to go against their way of thinking. China is the most populace country in the world, so the fundamentalists believe themselves to be superior to all others and they believe that they have no need for pathetic allies, as they see the Soviet Union and North Korea to be. North Korea has just gone through a costly war against the South before entering into this alliance, and her people do not want to enter into another war that will cost their kinsmen their lives for a cause they see as lacking a point.

That is where our story begins. With the people of these mighty Communistic nations waking up to the fact that they can fight back. Small bands of armed civilians begin roaming the countryside, striking out at what they consider to be oppressive regimes. Will their contribution to the war effort be enough to tip the scale in favor of the UN, or is the free world destined to fall into the ashes of the past?