This story was written like an anime or manga, since this would most likely not happen in real life. This would be more realistic in some anime show or manga. Though not so much in the first few chapters, just the later ones. If you don't watch anime or read manga, it's fine, this story will still make perfect sense, I just wanted to let you all know that. Hope you enjoy the story!

Kaya ran. She ran hard. She could see the finish line just in front of her, yet she was not getting closer. Her opponents were catching up fast.

'I'm gonna lose! I can't lose!' she thought frantically, forcing her legs to move faster.

'Why can't I get past those damn gates?' she shouted to herself. One by one her opponents passed her, then finally she ran past the gate, in last place.

Beep… beep… beep… beep… "Finally, it's Kaya Iogasa in ninth place, what a disappointing finish for this Olympian-to-be!" she heard the announcer report.

"I lost. I lost. I… lost…" A tear trickled down the girl's face.

"Dammit-all! I lost the damn race!"

"Kaya, are you okay?"

"Huh?" her eyes snapped open to the worried voice of her mother standing before her.

"Your alarm clock went off some time ago."

"Huh? Oh…" She rolled over and turned off her alarm.

"I lost…" Kaya said in misery, sitting up on the side of her bed. Her cheek was wet. She really had cried.

"Well yeah! I lost the damn thing!" Kaya slammed one fist into her hand and stood up. She grabbed her school uniform form the back of her chair and got dressed. She made a face as she tied the bow and pulled up the skirt. She stuffed a sports bra, t-shirt, and some athletic pants in her bag for track practice after school.

Ten minutes later Kaya ran out the door and headed down the street towards her school. She could have ridden the bus the two miles, but she preferred to run. She hopped she wouldn't run into Kenji and his gang. She did not want to have to fight them again. As soon as this thought ran through her mind, she regretted it. Right ahead she could see Kenji, Kentaro, Maro, and Miki, the most well known gang of Harayuki Junior High. Before she could run across the street and avoid being seen, Kenji spotted her.

"Well, well, well… if it isn't Kaya, the tomboy." He laughed.

Kaya growled deep in her throat. She hated being called that. And I mean hated. She dropped her bag and her books and lunged at him kneeing him in the gut. Hard.

"Ooooh…" he groaned, doubling over and clutching his stomach.

Maro went over to help Kenji, and Kentaro and Miki attacked Kaya.

Miki went for Kaya's left cheek with his fist. He was fast, but Kaya was faster as she dodged and tripped him with a well-powered kick. He fell flat on the concrete. Kentaro attacked Kaya by trying to punch her in her chest, but Kaya stopped him by grabbing his wrist with a strong hand and twisting it. He screamed in pain. Then she brought up her knee and jabbed him in the chest, knocking the breath out of him.

Suddenly someone grabbed her ankle and pulled hard. It was Miki. She put her hands in front of her to stop her fall, then turned around and kicked Miki in the face with her free leg. She stood up and flexed her now free ankle. Someone grabbed her from behind, an arm around her neck. She froze, not wanting whoever it was to tighten their grip.

"I'm sick of you beating the shit out of my friends every time we meet." Kaya recognized Kenji's voice. He tightened his grip around Kaya's neck. She coughed as more pressure was added to her neck.

"Then quit bothering me and calling me names. You should know my now I hate them!" Kaya choked out.

"You're the one that starts these fights Kaya."

"But you're the one that makes me start them Kenji."

The grip tightened even more. Kaya's hands flew up to Kenji's arms and tried to pry them off.

"Maro, come over here!" Kenji instructed. "On the count of three, trip her."

Maro nodded.


Maro kicked with a strong leg and whipped Kaya off her feet. The weight of her body weighed on Kenji's arm. It felt like she was being hanged. She gagged as Kenji's strong arms continued to hold her up as she tried to get her feet underneath her.

"Kenji! What are you doing?" Kaya yelled, despite the strong grip around her throat. "How would you like it if someone was strangling you? Do you want to be accused of murder?"

"Ha! I'm not going to kill you!"

"Then why are you holding me like this? Do you find amusement in other people's suffering?"

"What? How dare you question me like that!"

"It's true, you don't find amusement in other's suffering. It seems like you're just trying to avenge someone, or maybe show someone that you are the best."

Kenji's grip tightened in anger. It was getting harder and harder for Kaya to breathe. She coughed hard, her hands balling up in fists. She couldn't get a good jab at him from her position. Her vision began to blur. She was losing her strength… and breath. Kenji didn't let her go. A few minutes later she slipped into unconsciousness.