I know that if it hadn't been for Kenji, I wouldn't be where I am today. I didn't realize how horrible my life was until he showed me... until that night where the unthinkable almost happened. I consider Kenji my saver. He saved me, and most likely my life. If he hadn't showed up that night I don't know what I would have done. After that date saturday night my whole life took a turn. I turned around and started to run in the other direction. Never again did I fight. Never again did I call another human being a name. Never again did I get angry at someone for calling me a name or ticking my off. And never again did I swear. To this day I havn't done any of these things, and it's all because of Kenji.

I found myself beginning to actually love my parents, and actually knowing that I am. I found myself loving my friends as friends, not just people who I can take advantage of because they may be naive. And finally, after all of this, I found myself falling in love with Kenji.

I don't know how it happened, it just did. We went from pure rivals to two high school kids falling in love. It was the most unrealistic pairing ever. When we graduated from high school, we both found ourselves taking the exams for Akita University, both found ourselves sitting next to each other in the exam room, and both looking at our passing scores... together. From then on it has always been Kaya and Kenji, not Kaya or Kenji.

Suddenly, a year after we graduated from Akita University, I found myself in a wedding dress, walking slowly down the isle, and then looking up and seeing Kenji standing up front looking more handsome than ever. I kissed him, just like I had done many times during our University years, thinking of how much of an enemy I had been to him all those years before, and knowing that I would be happy with him as my husband.

Six months after the wedding I was declared pregnant. I had a baby girl whom we named Haru.

Two years after Haru's birth I gave birth to a baby boy whom we named Michio.

We dicided that one more kid would make us one happy family. Yes, that is what we wanted. Three years after I gave birth to Michio, I became pregnant. What we weren't expecting were two babies, instead of the usual one. Two baby boys, Kentaro and Kenjiro. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. Watching my four precious children play together, leaning against my husbend, content, happy... and every other happy feeling one could possibly possess. And this was all because of Kenji. I am here only today because Kenji told me to love. He taught me how to love.

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