"Some people find peace without having all the answers. How do you think they might get there?" - A friend's answer when I asked how I could find peace without finding the answers first.

Dazed, confused and scared of what is to come. I guess in some ways that could be me. In other ways I'm strong, tough and witty. It all depends on how deep a person digs (or how far I'll let them). I guess you could say I have trust issues or as some would say "problems opening up". Personally I'm sick of having "problems" and "issues". Why can't life just pave the road, even just for a while. I would like a break from this hard dirt track. Life could atleast throw me a good pair of hiking boots!

Is life random? Really I don't think it can be. Personally I think life is far to much of a bitch to be random.

"Love seems impossible without the pain of sadness. How can we love someone dear without being sad when they go? How can we miss without the joy of seeing each other again?" - Once again from the same friend after I told them life is bittersweet.

Maybe peace is like is only found when we stop fighting to get it. Maybe peace is learning that there is none. If we don't aim for peace that maybe on day we shall reach it.

So many questions I ask myself. So many answers I never get. Why do I ask questions? All these nameless questions... What questions was I even asking?