One Very Nasty Hangover By:Andrew Troy Keller

You know,now that today is the offical first day of the New Year,I've figured that I should start this story with these simple words,'It had began on the day after New Year's Eve.'

It was Seven Twenty-Four on the small clock that was next to the bed within one of the rooms of the Stouffers Tower City Hotel in the City of Cleveland,Ohio--and after a handsome and yet,woozy young man named Rick Caruso had woken up from his moment of slumber and rubbed his eyes,he had looked around the room and began to wonder where he was and how did he get there.

But then,as he was about to try and put all of the missing pieces of that little puzzle together,Rick had suddenly heard some moaning coming from the very bed that he was sleeping in.

And after he had removed the covers from the head of his mysterious roommate,Rick's eyes had grown as wide as saucers,for he had discovered that it was Nancy Bateman,who he had met at the New Year's Eve party that their boss,Bradley Stoddard of Stoddard Industries was throwing at that very same hotel.

"Oooohhhh,God!My head!",said Nancy,after she had placed her hand over her eyes."It feels like it's been placed into a large metal vice!"

"You're telling me.",said Rick,after he had gotten out of bed,put on a robe and took a deep breath."Do you remember what had happened to the both of us last night?"

"Well,all I could remember is that I was introduced to you by Mister Stoddard as your new co-worker and that I was replacing your old work buddy,Dennis Schroder,who had just retired and moved himself to his dream house at Tampa,Florida.",answered Nancy,after she had sat up and placed her hand on the back of her head."After that,you've asked me would I like to have a glass of wine and I said yes,but only one small glass."

Then suddenly,after he had heard what she had said,a shocked Rick had placed his hand on his forehead and said,"Aaaahhhh,Jeeze to God!So that's what started it.It must've been at that time that everyone in the room was counting down the last minutes to the New Year.And after the clock had struck Midnight,the entire fountain of champaign had kept on flowing and there was no way of stopping it.I really am sorry about all of this,Nancy."

But then,after she had looked at her unexpected roommate and realized that he was kind and gentle as well as handsome,Nancy had gotten herself out of bed,wrapped the bedspread around her nude body,walked over to Rick,placed her gentle hand on his cheek and said,"Oooohhhh,don't worry about it,Rick.Besides,even if I hadn't gulped down all of that bubbly,I still would've gone up here with you anyway."

And then,after he had suddenly realized that he was having that exact same feeling for her that she has for him--that they were falling in love with each other--and they've wrapped their gentle arms around each other,Rick had let out a smile and asked,"So,what do you want the both of us to do today?"

"Why don't we just go down to Tower City Mickey Dee's and order ourselves some morning coffee?",answered a smiling Nancy,after she had placed her forehead on top of Rick's."Because I do believe that we're each suffering from one very nasty hangover."

And so,after the two newfound lovers had let out a small giggle and gotten themselves together,both Rick and Nancy had left their hotel room and took the elevator down to the hotel lobby,where the manager had looked at them and said,"Oooohhhh,goody!The both of you are finally awake!That means that you'll be able to tell your employer that he is hereby sharply advised to stay away for the rest of his life!"

And after the upset hotel manager had gone off to perform his other duties,both Rick and Nancy had looked each other,smiled for a minute or two and let out a small chuckle,for they've suddenly realized that they weren't the only ones who had a wild time last night.

Well,at least someone discovered something at that very New Year's Eve party.