The sunsof the Erthrial never set

This is my first original fiction. I've done a few fanfics on and had a lot of fun with it. This is a story of a young girl thrust into a world she dosen't understand and now has to grow up serounded by straingers. These are her adventures. It's designed for anolder youth audience because some of the content may be a little graphic and eventually there will be a love interest as the young girl grows up. I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to any and all constructive critisisms that you feel will help my writing. LadySesshoumaru41

Chapter 1

In the beginning:

Lydia was an ordinary thirteen year old, girl in grade nine. She when to school and then to her part time babysitting job just like most girls her age. She loved music and studied dance with a local dance group. Each day she arrived at school early to meet with her dance group, which met in the gymnasium in the morning for couple of hours before classes began. Today however, things were different. Today when she arrived at the school she saw a strange sight.

Hovering overhead was the most amazing contraption she had ever seen in all her life. She had never in her wildest dreams thought that something that big could float. It was obviously a machine but it wasn't like anything she knew of. It looked like it had metal plating all over the hull of the machine. It had no wings or propellers, which made her wonder how it could stay up in the air like that.

There were lights on the sides of the thing that blinked in some unfathomable rhythm. The machine was roughly rectangular in shape although it was hardly a regular shape. The hull, if it was called that, she really had no idea, was full of big metal protrusions. The vessel was a dark gray color and had no markings identify it. Even if it did it probably wouldn't have meant anything to her. She knew nothing of the military and preferred it that way.

Her world had nothing even remotely like that. She wasn't a stupid girl and wasn't taken in by the fairy tales she had heard of visitors from another planet. Everyone knew there was no life on any other planets and even if there was they were too far away to come to her world. However this machine was so totally foreign that it gave her pause. Maybe those stories aren't as much fantasy as she thought they were.

As she watched she could see the glow of what she thought must be the landing thrusters and feel the intense heat and wind generated by the huge craft. Although the thing made no noise to speak of except for the rush of air in her ears. It seemed to hover for a few minutes then slowly it drifted over top of her school and landed softly on the roof of the building. For such a cumbersome looking contraption it moved with surprisingly silent grace.

Curiosity overcame the young girl. She ran toward the building's main entrance. She didn't understand it but she felt something stir within her, something she couldn't explain. It was the most overwhelming experience she had ever felt. It was as if she could sense someone of immense power. She had to find out who was in that thing. As she got closer to the main door of the school she could see people running away.

Mr. Feldough the principle was the last one to leave. He had a look of shear terror on his face. As he ran from the building he called over his shoulder to her. "Run Lydia. Don't go in there! I think we're being invaded. Stay out."

Lydia didn't pay him any heed. She was overwhelmed by the sight, and had the strange feeling that someone was calling to her. The thought that maybe, just maybe there could be life on other worlds intrigued her all the more. She couldn't help herself. She was being drawn in, she could feel him he was close now, very close.

She entered into the school. It was eerily quiet. She crept forward through the main lobby of the building. As she did a low rumble could be heard down the hall and a cloud of dust and debris started to billow out of the far staircase. She watched and waited. He's coming; she could feel him. She held her breath. She had never felt anything like this, what could it be?

Soon through the dust shadowy figures could be seen moving toward her. Gradually the dust settled and gray figures could be plainly seen. They were advancing down the hallway. The figures were dressed in gray with silver breastplates and armor on their shoulders and at the elbows. They carried what she felt had to be weapons, cradled in their arms, but they were of a strange design that she had never seen before. The devices looked like a hollow rectangular tubes and there was obviously a trigger mechanism on the handles on the underneath. Each warrior had a silver helmet with a dark visor that hid his face.

The men looked like ordinary Jaterrans with the exception of the obviously foreign outfits. Perhaps they were from her world after all.

Then she felt it. Him. At the end of the hall the most imposing figure she had ever seen stepped out of the stairwell and came into view. He was such a contrast from the solders that surrounded him. He was tall, at least a head and shoulders taller that any of his men who weren't short by any means. He had long deep black hair that gently curled as it fell mid way down his back. His face was covered by a blood red veil, which draped over his shoulders and down the front of his tunic. He wore a jet-black sleeveless tunic style coat that opened at the bottom to reveal wide legged pants of an equally dark black color. Under his coat he wore a Blood red shirt with wide flowing sleeves His hands just poking out from under the hem. He was an impressive picture of masculinity.

His eyes captured her. They were of the deepest most intense blue she had ever seen. He had seen her standing there at the end of the hall.

Lydia realized that she couldn't just stand there. She had to do something. Running wasn't an option, she was too curious for that now. She was desperate to meet him. There was something that called to her; he called to her. She took a deep breath then pushed open the glass double doors that separated her from the hall where he was. She stopped just the other side of the doors and held her hands out to her sides she slowly turned around so they could see she had no weapons. That done she advanced down the hall right passed the double rows of solders and straight up to the man who had so totally captured her thoughts.

She came and stood directly in front of him. She looked up into those incredible eyes of his and said. "Hi my name is Lydia. How can I help you?" She didn't know if they even needed any help and she didn't even know if she could be of any assistance at all. But she thought it couldn't hurt to offer. "What's your name?"

The man looked down at the girl. She was small, only coming to mid way up his chest. She was a plain girl with no remarkable beauty to her except she had a most amazing shade of hair. A golden red-brown color, her eyes matched. He considered her for a moment. 'No fear.' He thought. 'Strange.'

He spoke. His voice was deep and calm. "I am Lord Veltrop Plinn. Perhaps you may be of some service to me. I've come seeking two of my people who have come here. They are Rabishi Quinn and Chanet Galoss. Do you know them?"

Lydia continued to look up at him. His intense blue eyes boring holes into her own. He was magnificent. She thought about the names he had told her for a moment. They weren't familiar but that was nothing new. She was terrible with names and faces. Then she thought of something, "I don't recognize the names, but then I don't know everybody here. But if they students here they will be registered in the office. If we go there, we could look in the lists." She turned away. "Come on, I'll see if we can't find them for you." She turned and started back down the hall. Lord Plinn's eyes following her as she went.

He followed and as he did his thoughts turned in his mind. 'I sense something in this girl. It is odd that this girl is not fearful. I always sense fear in everyone I meet. This girl is an unusual one, I'll have to watch her.'

The pair rounded the corner and went into the office. She spun around and looked directly into his deep blue eyes and said brightly. "What were those names again?"

He told her the names as she scribbled them down on a scrap of paper. Then she wandered over to some crude looking contraption she called a computer. It wasn't like any computer he knew of. 'This world was so backward.' He sniffed at the thought. 'They had manual doors and if this was their best technology they were truly pathetic.' He watched the girl as she tapped on the keys entering the information. She was efficient even with the obvious limitations of the technology.

Lydia looked up from the screen in front of her. "Are you sure you have the right school? I don't see them registered here at all. I've even tried spelling their names a couple of different ways but they aren't here." She got up from the desk she was sitting at and came over to the counter that separated them. "There are a lot of schools in the area. Perhaps they are at another one." She dug around under the counter for a moment then brought out a large book. "I'll see if they're in here." She pat the cover of the book, and opened it up. It appeared to be a list of names arranged in order. She looked through the book, her finger running down the page. At length she looked up. "Have they been in the city long? They don't seem to have a telecom. Unless their number was unregistered."

Lord Plinn would never normally answer such questions from civilians. But this girl seemed to be genuinely interested in helping them and she might know how the local system worked. "They have not been here long. Only three of your lunar cycles." He watched her closely. There was definitely something about this girl. If he didn't know better, he would say she was a descendant of the Telsian race. But he did know better. The Telsian people were an elite race of telepaths who ruled the Advataran Empire. They all had black hair and electric blue eyes.

The common people of the empire all had brown hair and black eyes. This girl was different though. She had an unusual shade of red-brown hair with eyes that were the same shade. What's more is she had not responded to his mental greeting that his people offered when meeting for the first time. So he knew she was not a Telsian descendant, however he could still sense something in her. She must be a fugin. Fugin were a curious mutation among the common people that allows them a small measure of the mind skills a Telsian would have. He would have to test her later.

The lord's thoughts were interrupted by a guard entered and began to report. "Milord, we have secured…" The guard was immediately silenced by a wave from the lord. The Guard bowed and started again. "Milord, I beg to report…" Again he stopped and stood strictly to attention. Lord Plinn stretched out his hand and lightly touched the man on the forehead with his middle finger. A few seconds later, the guard backed away a step and bowed again. "Yes milord, as you command."

Lydia looked on in wonder. 'What just happened?' She looked up at the enigmatic lord. 'Did he just give orders to that soldier mentally? What kind of guy is this.'

He noticed her looking at him out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head imperceptibly and spoke to her. "Come girl. I wish to see the others in your group."

He took her by the arm and guided her into the hall toward the gymnasium where the dance group had been practicing when the ship had arrived. The music must have been on too loud and they didn't hear the commotion of the ship landing. They entered the gym and she immediately noticed the frightened looks on the girls' faces. They were all sitting against the wall. The lord scanned the room with his blue eyes and noted that his quarry was not present. He let the girl go.

"You may continue your activities here. Do not leave this room until further notice." He turned to go, as he went he touched the soldier at the door briefly and left. The man bowed in acknowledgement of some silent command.

Lydia looked at the girls and tried to brighten them a little. "Ok everyone, it looks like we're going to be here for a little while. We might as well use this time to practice for our upcoming performance next week." She trotted over to the music system and turned it on. Soon the sound was blasting through the room and the dance group was flipping and bounding around in an elaborate dance. The girls favored a blend of styles from classical to a more athletic style.

The group consisted of sixteen girls, and they danced in perfect unison. They're routines were so precisely synchronized, that they moved as if they were connected to each other. The men that were assigned to guard them watched with fascination. The Advataran Dominion didn't have such displays. It was thought to be beneath them, a vulgar practice for the backward savages of the outer rim. Truly civilized people shunned such atrocious behavior.

Hours passed…

Back in the ship on the roof Lord Plinn was trying to concentrate on his work. He was frustrated in his efforts to find the rebels and now he had an untrained fugin to worry about. He could sense her. She was concentrating deeply on something and it was pulling his attention away. He slammed his hand down on his desk and stood up. He would have to go down to see for himself. He had tried to contact her mind to see what she was doing but he found himself blocked. She had strong instincts for a fugin.

Most untrained fugins were erratic and unable to control their abilities. They would have to go through years of strenuous training to gain even partial control. At any rate she should never be able to resist him; he was Telsian after all. He left his chamber and strode down the corridor to the lift.

Veltrop was a highborn Telsian lord. The race of the Telsians was known throughout the dominion as being superior beings in all ways. Their mind skills were unparalleled anywhere in the galaxy. They were telekinetic as well as telepathic. They rarely ever spoke. Most Telsians communicated using their thoughts. Even if the ones they were 'speaking' with had no such skills. They could take over a person's mind and access any thought or implant any thought they wished, any time they wished. It was impossible to lie to a Telsian. In fact it was suicide.

He was used to having his commands followed without question, and his mind skills un-resisted. As he neared the gymnasium he could sense her more strongly. She was deep in concentration. What was this girl doing? He wondered as he rounded the corner and entered the large room.

She was moving about the room twirling and leaping, moving in time with the insistent beat of the music. It was a sight to see. Veltrop had never seen such a strange display. As she moved waves of energy seemed to emanate from the girl. It fascinated the lord. He reached out with his mind. 'Blocked? How? Perhaps she has already been trained.' He thought to himself. When the dance was done he motioned for her to come to him.

Lydia was hot and sweaty from the exertion but obliged the lord by coming to him. "Hi what's up?"

"Let me see you." He said as he raised his hand to touch her forehead.

Lydia had never felt anything like it before. It was like an axe hitting her trying to split open her mind. 'No!' her mind screamed. 'You can't come in.' She gasped and found herself struggling to get away mentally.

Physically all anyone could see was Lord Plinn holding her arm with one hand and the other resting gently on her head. Lydia was shuddering slightly. Then she collapsed in his hands. He picked the girl up and carried her off to his ship leaving behind the flurry of anxious questions the others were letting fly.

Lydia woke to see Veltrop standing over her. He reached for her and she recoiled. "No stay out!" She cried. Her head ached and she felt dizzy.

"I will not hurt you. Let me see you." He reached for her again. "Don't resist me. You hurt because you resisted me. Be still girl and I will repair the damage."

She sat up and pushed his hand aside. The sudden movement caused the room to spin wildly out of control. She pitched forward into the arms of lord Plinn.

"I told you not to resist. Now settle down and let me have access to your mind." He crouched down in front of her and took her head in his hands. He closed his eyes briefly.

She let him, couldn't resist him anyway she hurt too much. 'What was he doing? What happened to me? Why does my head hurt?' Her mind was racing. Then she felt him gently caressing her mind, soothing her aches and easing her fears. She felt better and relaxed under his tender ministrations. Suddenly he left her and she was totally alone. 'No, don't go.' She thought as she opened her eyes. She wasn't alone he had only withdrawn from her mind.

"Better?" He asked. He knew the answer. He had felt it.

She nodded and rubbed her temples. "What did you do to me? Why did my head feel like it was being split apart?"

"You are a fugin. I'm sure now that I have explored your mind. You resisted me and paid the price. You must never resist me. I am a Telsian. I can turn your mind into puddle of mush if I press."

"Fugin? What's that?"

"Fugin are a … they are a curious mutation that appears periodically among the common people. They have some measure of mind skills. They never reach the level of the Telsian but they do have some abilities. Mostly in the area of communication but sometimes if trained properly can use their minds to move object short distances." He looked at her with his intense blue eyes. "You must be trained." He said bluntly.

"Fugins, Telsians, mind skills. None of this is making any sense to me. I don't understand any of this. I'm not fugin I'm from the Vlackian province of Encarta. What is going on?" Then she thought for a moment. "You aren't from around here are you?"

"I am from Telsia in the Telquar quadrant of the Advataran Empire." He looked at the confused look on the girl's face. "I'm not from your world."

She looked up at him startled. "Not from Jaterra? How? That machine that I saw land on the roof, it's a spaceship?"

He frowned although Lydia couldn't see this; the blood red veil he wore just under his eyes concealed his face. 'This world is so horribly backward. She doesn't even know about the reality around her. How could a fugin not know? She must have had some inkling of the life that exists outside her world.' He thought as he rose and strode over to his desk.

Lydia took that time to look about the room she was in. It was functional. There were no adornment on the walls or any extraneous objects on the surfaces. As her eyes scanned the room she noticed that it seemed to be a multi-purpose room. She was on a couch in a sitting area. To her right was a desk and chair where Veltrop was sitting looking at a holographic display that vaguely reminded her of a computer screen. Behind him was a bed. There were a few shelves against the wall in front of her. They held curious looking object that she didn't recognize at all. She couldn't even make a guess at what they were for.

"Come here girl." He looked up briefly to note that she was obeying then returned his gaze to the screen in front of him. She came up beside him as he sat in his high backed leather chair. He pulled her closer and motioned to the screen. "This is the Telquar quadrant displayed here. This is my home world and here is your world." He pointed to a tiny dot on the display. "I am lord of all this principality and your world falls within my domain."

"How come no one knows about this? Why haven't I heard of this before?" She looked to him her golden red-brown eyes wide with disbelief.

"To be truthful, your world is too far behind us technologically speaking. Our government saw no use in bringing you into the dominion, since you have nothing of value to offer."

"What changed?" Lydia knew that now things would change rapidly now that he had arrived. Things would never be the same again.

"There is a dangerous situation that has developed in the empire. Some criminals have been using the back worlds as hiding places in order to escape justice. Your world has recently been identified as a suspected base. As a result your world can no longer be ignored. I have been sent to secure the criminals and claim this world for the dominion."

"I understand the criminal part but what is this about claiming? What does that mean?" Lydia thought she knew the answer. Her home world would become part of the Advataran Empire. But she wanted to hear it from him

He looked at her he could sense her fears. "You needn't concern yourself. This will be handled on a higher level. In the mean time I want to know what training you have taken."

She furrowed her brows. 'He's evading the question.' She thought. "I'm not going to answer you if you're not going to be honest with me."

His eyes narrowed. 'Defiant aren't we?' He thought to himself. 'You will regret that.' He raised his right hand and touched her forehead.

Lydia tried to back away but he had his left arm firmly around her waist and was holding on tightly. She struggled and then all her strength seemed to wash away from her. He was there inside her mind. She could see him. He still had her holding her close. She couldn't move, couldn't speak all she could see were his blue eyes boring into her private thoughts. 'No!' Her mind screamed but it went unheard, unnoticed by the intense gaze of those unrelenting eyes.

'Don't fight me girl. I'm stronger than you.' The voice came from all around her.

'No. I can't…'

'Give in.' It was a command.

Lydia gasped with the strain and then once more she collapsed into the hands of Veltrop Plinn. "Fool." He spat as he pulled the unconscious girl onto his lap and probed her now open mind. She had indeed felt the presence of other life outside her world but had dismissed it as mere fantasy. She had a strong mind and was definitely a fugin. She had not been though any of the training that a fugin would normally be required to take. He saw no hint of telekinesis but felt she could be easily trained to communicate. It would come in handy to have a fugin. Yes very handy. He considered his next move.

Later that night…

Lydia woke once more with a terrible headache. "Ooooh." She groaned as she came to.

"Awake are you? I trust your head hurts. This time I will let you suffer, perhaps it will teach you to obey me. You were warned not to fight me girl, now you shall pay the price for your foolishness." He didn't even look at her as he spoke.

She tried to raise herself off the bed but as she did an incredible wave of vertigo washed over her and she fell back. "Ahhh… I feel sick. I think I'm going to throw up." Her voice was almost a cry.

"If you do I will punish you. Now be still, the sensations will pass soon enough." His voice was low but very firm. He had given his orders.

Lydia wondered if he was really going to hurt her. She wanted to get up but every time she moved even slightly she wanted to throw up. 'What was going on here? Was he really going to punish her if she threw up? How could he threaten her like that.' Gradually her head stopped throbbing and she eventually was able to raise herself to a sitting position.

"Why?" It was her only question. She trusted he knew what she meant.

"You have not yet been trained to use your skills. I wished to ascertain the level of your skill." He turned his chair to see her sitting there on the bed. 'She is strong. Others would have been flattened for several hours. She will prove useful but I will have to tame her will first.'

"Come, I will return you the others." He got up and offered his hand to her. He helped her to her feet and she faltered a bit. He caught her. "You must rest more once you are back." That too was an order.

"You never answered my question about claiming Jaterra. What does that mean for my people?"

He didn't answer her. He merely handed her over to another soldier and said, "Take her back down." Then turned and walked away.

Lydia was stunned, how could he be so arrogant? What was going on here? Her head still felt a little weird so she just followed the guard down to where the others where.