Standing out in the middle of the night,

Basking under a full moon's light,

The energies of an ancient power

coarses through me.

What puzzles me is the fact

That crazy things it causes.

How it makes the waters rise and fall,

How wolves are turned to monsters,

How people are driven to madness,

It's all beyond me.

I don't see why my heartbeat rises

With the beat of an african drum,

Why my spine tingles with glee

As if I was tickled by a peacock,

Why my blood flows faster than usual

Like raging river rapids without rocks,

Why my vision is almost as clearer

As the looking glass of a telescope,

Everytime I stare into it fully as it is.

Maybe there's something different about it,

Much more to it than it looks to be?

There must be a valid explanation,

To why I have such a fascination.

I've only drawn a few conclusions

To solve this lunar mystery.

I don't think there's a "Man on the moon",

Or that this moon has a "ray beam".

There's only one thing that is the answer.

And the answer was you.

You, the moon, it all makes sense,

I stare into it and I think of you.

If all else, you're the only one,

Who could make me feel this way.

How I quickly forgot is beyond me,

But how I remembered was clear.

I only had to look up at the moon,

And figure out when you'd appear.