Okay, this is sort of a small attempt at a sequel I just thought of one day. For Chosen. I'm going to try and do it like a script, so bear with me. Ok, here goes…

Act 1

Act opens in a large underground cavern, with the walls lit by torches. In the middle of this cavern, is a gigantic swarm of maybe a million or so Death demons. Camera travels over them all, close to their heads. From this angle we can see them fighting for meat, talking in strange garble, or literally eating each other. All of it is mindless, and all of it terrifying

(The song Logical by Scooter starts up)

(The camera travels over them, then moves to a gigantic hill inside the cavern. From there on it sails over it, then travels down behind the mound. From there, we see four figures. V/O starts

"We are from a line called the Destined. We fight evil, however much there is, and we do whatever it takes. And honestly, I don't think we'd have it any other way. I'd rather do this than be helpless. My family agrees with me"

Camera slowly zooms in on the four walking up the steep hill with a little difficulty. We only see the four from behind at this point. One has red hair, and is carrying two swords crossed on her back. Another with brown hair has a Bo, the blond has an Axe, and the one with long black hair has what looks like a chain wrapped around her entire body. The red-head wears black leather pants. The others wear black or brown jeans. All are wearing what looks like tank tops or singlets. Camera passes over them as they reach the top, then over some of the demon swarm. Then, the camera swivels around to reveal the four. Three girls, and a brown-haired boy. All of them look determined and angry. And all look around the ages of fifteen to seventeen. The camera zooms in on their faces as the boy speaks

"Jesus! I knew you said there was another nest, but… holy crap!"

(Camera cuts to the left of them all. The red-haired girl speaks)

"Look, you can either do this, or go home" (Camera cuts back and forth to the girl and boy as they speak to one another)

"What do you think I am? A coward??"

"Did I say that?"

"No, but you implied it"

"Can we just get this over with? My sister needs me at home" (Camera cuts to the black haired girl as she says this)

"I agree. Plus, I don't want to miss dinner. Mum's cooking chicken teriyaki" (Cuts to the blond, who has a baby face and deep brown eyes)

"Man April, is food all you think about?" the boy asks.

"Obviously not Damien. The girls a stick" Black-haired girl indicates to the blonds figure as the camera cuts to their full body lengths, all together. She rolls her icy blue eyes.

"Guys?" (cuts to red-haired girl from the waist up. She looks uncomfortable, and her face has changed from determination to fear. Zooms in on her face for an instant, before going to the front view of the four, all from the waist up)

"Chlo? What?" April asks, looking at her worriedly. The others have already figured it out. The black-haired girl and Damien unsheathe their weapons, and we finally find out the black-haired girl has a chain with what looks like a gigantic tigers claw at the end of it. Chlo, or Chloe, reaches behind her and grabs the swords. Soon, April sees it too, and out comes the massive axe. It looks too big for her, but she doesn't seem to have any trouble with its weight or its size.

(Camera slowly moves in on Aprils face as she speaks. She looks scared, but ready)

"Here they come"

(Moves to a shot of the four slowly moving apart, as if by instinct. As they move away, the camera moves up and away from them, keeping the four in frame. The black-haired girl begins to swing the chain as the others brace themselves. Then, we see the demons start to attack. Each one is fighting with his or her own skill and determination. Each is a master at their weapons and their fighting clearly shows it. Chloe slices and hacks away with both swords, showing no sign of slowing down. Damien twirls and whips his Bo left and right, killing by breaking their necks with the end of the Bo. April hacks left and right, screaming in fury. The black-haired girl, swings the claw at the end of the chain at each demon, killing them instantly. But as the camera, stationary for a few seconds, pulls back more, and higher above them, we get a view of all the Death demons coming at them. The millions we saw before are all swarming towards them, and as skilful as they are, you get a feeling that none of that is going to be enough)

(Camera slowly drops back in, showing that the fight is starting to get more desperate for the four of them. That moves to a close-up of Chloe fighting off seven or so at once. She turns her head sideways)

"This is not gonna cut it! April!" (View cuts to April in a simular position)

"Right!" (Cuts back to Chloe, who turns to her left side)

"Katie" (She throws her swords to the left, and the camera moves as we see the black-haired girl named Katie catch them effortlessly as she drops her chain. Then, she fights with the swords, almost as well as Chloe had been)

(Camera cuts to Damien and April, side by side)

"Here" She hands him the Axe after he slides his Bo back into place. (Camera cuts back and forth from Katie to Damien as they swing the swords and Axe with mighty fury. Behind each of them, we see April and Chloe step back, letting them take over the fight)

Camera cuts to April and Chloe, standing side-by-side. In the background, just behind the camera, we hear Katie and Damien fighting on. Camera stays on them as they each raise their arms slowly to above their heads, a cry rising in their throats. We see their eyes cloud over, and then turn white. Their hair seems to be blown by an invisible force. Finally, with their arms above their heads, they scream voicelessly into the air above them.

(Camera cuts to a view above all of the Death demons. Underneath them, we see the ground has a large crack in it, then that widens to a gigantic hole. The Death demons screech as it looks they're being blown down into the massive pit of nothingness. But there are still a few more, and the camera moves back down to where Katie and Damien are still fighting, and soon Chloe produces two sai's from each side of her waist, and April snags the chain Katie dropped on the ground. Together, they continue to fight the remaining demons. Camera cuts to each one of them for a total of two seconds, from the waist up as they fight on. Finally, all the Demons are gone. Camera cuts to the four of them standing on the hill, all breathing heavily. Then, it swings around the four, so we see what they're seeing. It's an gigantic empty cavern. You can still see the crack where the two girls opened the earth up)

"Well, that was so not fun" April says. We are still behind them at this point. Camera slowly moves back around them to look at their faces. Damien smiles.

"Yeah. Let's go do that again"

They turn and begin to walk back down the hill. The camera does not follow. Instead, the V/O begins again of Chloe's voice.

"All of us are in this fight. Whether we wish it or not. But there are still good times. Times when we win. Times when what we fight are just plain ridiculous. Times when we fight together, as one. Two witches, and two shape-shifters. We are the future of the Destined. The children of Destiny, and the only thing that stands between a million Death demons… and you" (Camera cuts to Chloe's face at the last four lines, and as she disappears out of frame, she smiles devilishly)

Light fades, end of scene.

A/N; Just in case you were wondering, a Bo is kind of like a staff, only they use it in some sort of martial art (I can't remember which one; there are just so many) and a Sai is sort of like a hand-held, mini pitch fork. Well, it's as close as I can get to explaining it to you. At least, I think that's what it's called. A Sai.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little burst of inspiration.