A Simple Hello

A simple hello is all that you'd like;
A simple hello is what I dislike.

It'd start simple, a simple hello;
Now a simple hello is as far as we go.

You'd like to talk more than a simple hello.
Does a hint of anger between us still show?

All those simple hellos that I'd like to deny,
Are the simple hellos you keep asking why.

I tell you again and again so many times;
What you did and I did are two different crimes.

A simple hello is as far as I'd like to get.
All the simple hellos are ones I'd like to forget.

All our simple hellos don't happen at home;
Some of the simple hellos now come when we roam.

Our simple hellos used to be here and there.
Those simple hellos used to be rare.

The simple hellos we now share,
Have almost doubled, I'd swear!

Is a simple hello a meet in the hall,
A night at the mall, or a dance at a ball?

Is it possible to be all three?
I don't think so, I hope you can see.

These simple hellos now must go.
For a different side of me is starting to show.

This side of me, none can see;
Seven have heard, while none say a word.

Our simple hellos now must go.
This is the last hello.