Do you realize?

What you have done?

The numb you caused

The sorrow that builds

In my eyes

You see nothing

The words I speak

Mean nothing

My place in your heart

Is nothing

The general purpose for my love

Has expired

Your whispers grew tired

No longer inspired

Those moans that escaped your lips

Weren't meant for my ears

You ran away with my sanity

And left me to bleed

And bleed I did

Could you not see?

I loved you

It was no longer a game

That first time

The first time we made love

The game was over

But you were too blind

You couldn't understand love

It is far to complex an emotion

For your mind to comprehend

So now you bleed

You called to see how I was

I said go fuck yourself

It felt good to hear you speechless

Did it hurt?

Can you ever feel pain?

I should cut you to find out

But I'd be too afraid I would kill you

Not that I would feel regret or anything

But I would have to waste my time cleaning the mess

Sorry I have no empathy

Towards humans

But it was you who caused this

So rot in hell

With a needle in your eye

And a stick up your ass

So I could point and laugh

Laugh at the one who gave me happiness than took it back.

Laugh at the one who hit me repeatedly with lies

Laugh at myself for still loving you.