A trapped parrot

All alone with nothing to say

No golden key to set him free

Waiting for the day

A lone heart

Stomped upon by many

No love to give it the feeling of above

Waiting for the love of any

A solemn girl

Walking slowly down the hall

Her mouth in a frown, her head hanging down

Too afraid to call

A warm hug

Instead is a solitary tear

Reaching out, begin to shout

Love is dwarfed by fear

A cold remark

A frozen glare sent to her

All this beating down, she's no clown

Confinement will occur

A trapped, lone girl

No hugs, just an icy remark

Teasing is received, the whole world is deceived

She's left out in the dark

Every person

Holds both key and light

But they are too dense, sanity too immense

They engage in a forever fight

Help another vs. helping myself

Oh which to choose?

No love is lent and she's left to vent

Though there is nothing to lose

A helping hand

One who once watched from afar

She's become aware of love and care

Broken the girl's lonely jar

Freedom flies on swift wings to her