Mama, Mama
What's that sound?
I hear pitter, patter
On the ground!

I here the
Drop, drip, drop,
Drip, drop, drip,
Click a little clock!

My baby boy,
It's alright:
It's just the rain;
Don't have fright.

But Mama, Mama!
Did you hear that?
First a flash,
Then a clap!

My baby boy,
No need to worry...
It's just the lightning,
It goes in a hurry.

As for the clap,
Thunder be it.
Come to me baby,
My lap shall you sit

Asked the boy;
Yes baby, Mama answered,
Shy and coy

You don't have to worry,
Mama, don't shed a tear:
For I'm just so glad
That I can hear.