She Sits at Home

She sits at home.
All alone,
She sits at home.
Stiff as stone.

She sites at home.
Cuz her father's gone,
She sits at home.
For far too long.

She sits at home.
With nothing to do;
She sits at home.
Waiting for you.

She sits at home.
At home she sits,
And all alone.
Her life unzips.

Her life unzips.
While she waits;
She sits at home.
In many states.

She sits at home.
Thinking bout life;
She sits at home.
Taking the knife.

She sits at home.
Weighing her choices.
As her head fills.
With many voices.

She thinks about this,
She thinks about that.
She sits at home,
Waiting to chat.

Would the world be better
Without me here?
She sits at home.
Full of fear.

The phone ringing
Ruins her distant dream.
As she sits at home.
Her insides scream.

She picks it up,
Expecting it to be her mom.
When she hears your voice
She turns the speaker on.

She didn't want
To be alone.
That's the only reason why.
She answered the phone.

As your voice
Fills the room.
The outsides thunder,
Crash, and boom.

She sees the knife.
She screams aloud.
The phone goes dead.
And she ain't proud.

She scream out loud.
The doorbell dings.
She sits at home.
The doorbell dings.

She answers the door,
Not wanting to.
She opens the door,
And sees it's you.

She tells you stuff.
What she's going to do.
You tell her stuff.
How important she is to you.

She thought you didn't know
She though you didn't care
She just had to tell someone
The weight she couldn't bare

You take the knife
Away from her.
You find her cat
Who starts to purr.

We sit at home.
All alone.
All alone.
We wait at home.

We call my dad,
Ask if you can stay.
We sit at home.
He says she may.

We sit at home .
The time ticks by.
I tell you why.
I wanna die.

It's hard
To finally tell someone.
Thought I'm kinda glad.
My life's not done.

For all who'll read.
This poem about me;
I'm not asking you to believe.
I'm just asking you to see.

A friend's.
All that I need.
Will my so-called friends.
Hear my plea?

This is my plea...
My so-called friend.
Will this be.
The very end?

Dedicated to: my so-called friends and people who could care less.