Histories Etched in Sands
by: trista groulx

More and more it would seem
That our history is written in the sand
Doomed to erase in the slightest winds
And somehow no one seems to notice
As these precious stories slip away
Just on the tips of memories
And written in the sands of time
Which seem to be blowing away
Very steady, and all too quick
And somehow no one seem to care
No one really want to remember
The vague memories on tips of tongues
That should be written forevermore
In such a way to never be lost again
But it all seems to be written in sands
The histories of our forefathers
The big histories and the small alike
Don't seem to hold much significance
In this world today
Not realizing lessons can be taught
In the histories of yesteryear
Which seem to blow away with every gust
The cruel wind not knowing the significance
Of the words it erases
Which sprawl, vulnerable in the sands
Allowing our histories to be wiped away
Before the lessons can be taught
The lesson that could change our world today
As we write our histories in sands
Always changing, never static
Laying in the sands
Awaiting the day the wind will erase
The stories of our collective pasts
And yet no one even seems to care
About the histories lost
Laying vulnerable in the sands
For time to simply erase, forget
We watch as histories are etched in sands
Never thinking to ask for changes
For something to keep it all relevant
To keep it for the futures to come
To learn from our mistakes
Only etched in sands
When they should be carved in stone
Not in erasable sands
Irrelevant to all but the chosen few
These histories etched in sands