I'm kissing lips that he has kissed

I'm touching the skin he bruised

I'm holding your broken body

Tightly against mine

And he's been here before

He's done it all again

What made you think this time would be any different?

I'm feeling what he felt

The softness of you skin

The curves of your body

Everywhere I go

He's already been

And I want to hold you

I want to take you in

Into my arms and never

Let you out again

But he's already been here

And he's already said that

Everyone I'm speaking

Has already been spoken

And won't you let me kiss you

Won't you let me touch that tender skin

Wont you drop those walls around your heart

Wont you let me in

And it's so bitter sweet

Cause I promise I'm not like him

But everywhere you let me go

He's already been