I don't know what to do

I'm lost and so confused

I can't stop this

I'm weak and helpless

My emotions are breaking through

After living for so long

In a world of ice

Trying to escape my pain

It seems strange to me

To witness a downpour

Of water, the rain

The snowflakes would float

Sparkling with hope

Drifting down lazily

But the rain soaks my skin

Makes me ache within

Until I feel dizzy

I need to run away

But there's nowhere to flee

The droplets fall so constantly

It's hard now to breathe

I need to leave

Else, I fear I may go crazy

I'm being overwhelmed

By this sadness inside

It hurts too much to go on

I swore I had locked

These feelings away

I stopped playing my song

No more sad and minor notes

The rhythm slow and long

Just a strong, cold silence

That soon stopped sounding wrong

I closed out all my feelings

Because I was overwhelmed, depressed

But now I'm going through healing

For when they were shoved away, repressed

I was living life

Yet I was almost dead

Or at least not quite alive

And now I see

That was terrible

Though I needed to, to survive

And I did not so choose

To regain all these feelings

They're now just washing over me

I can't deny them anymore

I won't pretend they don't exist

We'll live together in harmony

And though I don't know how this ends

Here's the next part of my story

I will flourish throughout the springtime

Growing tall

Refreshed by rain

And for the summer I will thrive

In warm sunlight

Being tame

Not forgetting autumn's wind

When the leaves will swirl down

That yearning, wistful longing

May often make me frown

But I'll be prepared for winter

As I catch up on my rest

Because I will need it

If I'm hoping for the best

Because the spring will return

Before the summer sun will burn

Before the autumn leaves will fall

Before winter consumes all

And I will smile, bear the pain

Relating to the rain

With the teardrops heaven sent

My emotions being spent

Instead of forcing them away

I'm glad that they came back today

They broke through

But I'm not broken

I'm happy, free


No longer numb

I'm basking in the sun