I have seen how good my whole Madmen thing has gone so I am just going to go ahead and post another story, entitled MORE ON MADMEN, ooo weee fun. Enjoy as always.

Charles sat in the white room, looking at the doctor, in his white lab coat, in this awful sterile room that looks like it hasn't been touched in years, with white walls, and those god-awful fluorescent lights flickering from the ceiling.

The doctor popped his knuckles looked at the clipboard and leaned back a little sighing. "So why did you do it Charles you seem like a stable person, you even took a test before the incident and nothing, but a little overstressed. What happened why did you kill those people like that?"

Charles leaned on the table again rubbing his balding head. "Because doc, I already told ya, all the angels are dead."

"Alright Charles, will you please just tell me the story one more time."

Charles sighed and controlled his shaking a little leaning back. "Well it started way back when the voice first started speaking to me, he told me all the angels were dead, and that scared me, but then if he wasn't' a angel then what was he, and what were the angels. You know sometimes I would curl in up with a glass of wine and wonder, what the angels were and I would mourn for them sometimes and sometimes I would curse the beasts.

But the voice would always talk to me, he even gave himself a name, he liked me to call him Ilnath. And that name worried me, but it didn't matter, cause he was bad and I knew that, but Ilnath would be a better friend than enemy if all that was good was dead. And maybe the angels were never good just I different kind of bad than Ilnath, but that doesn't matter 'cause their all dead.

Then one morning I woke up, when I was still trying to act normal ya' know and Ilnath said, If you win you lose if you lose you lose, have fun there is no more heaven. So enjoy your trip to hell. And that is when it all started, becauseā€¦.

If you win you lose if you lose you lose.