James the security guard watched Charles through the one way mirror, smiling at the pathetic being, he wasn't anything like Charlie Manson, the only reason the newspapers said this was because of the name similarities, Manson thought that he was the son of God, but Charles here thought that God and angels were gone that is why he lost it.

Charles nervously wrung his fingers, "So like I was saying, I knew that the angels were really dead by then and I thought, why the hell not? Ilnath was right I might as well win for a while before I lose, so what should I do?

Get drunk and high?

Sleep with unclean women?

But Ilnath gave me the answer he said, have fun, get revenge, make those who you hate the most lose first, keep winning from other's loss.

So who did I hate the most, the answer would probably have to be that dumb ass Jim every day at work he would take my stuff and NOT GIVE IT BACK.

So I figured today when he came over to take some of my stuff I would give him something, I would coolly take my letter opener and stab it in his chest.

Oh and how well it worked, he gurgled up blood and screamed, he begged and cried, and I couldn't stop laughing it was just so damn funny."