The bloated woman

With rotting flesh

Cradles her dead child

In the jungle


Acid tears dribbling down her dead cheeks

As she sings a lullaby in Spanish

To her dead child

Crying at the plague

Crying for her child

Singing in a soft voice

Escaping bloated lips

The color of maggots

And the tiger cries

And bows to the bloated woman

And her beautiful baby

Held in a final caress

And the lion cries

And it's tears fall upon

The dead deer it had slain

And the deer rolls it's boneless

Neck to the woman's lullaby

And the bones of the strange animals

Rise from the dirt

Tears of maggots flow from their sockets

To the bloated woman's lullaby

And the beast of yore

With scales and flames

Crawls over the mountain

And sheds a tear

For the loss of the woman

And the corpse in her hands

And the tear burns the mountain

Which holds the cave

Of the ancient man

Who cries

At the danger of the

Rotting lady

And her lullaby

And the Wendigo

The most heartless of all creatures

Takes no pity upon the woman

But pretends it does

And breaths life into the dead

Child who now feels sick

To hold

But alive

And the woman stops her lullaby

With joy

And the child in her arms

Bites into her flesh

And digs deep