Another story, from the twisted mind of Darkladyknight for your reading pleasure. Something new, and completely different. Inspired by having too much time on her hands, and evilness for the torture of semes and ukes.

Stories warnings: This story is not for the weak of heart or stomach. It deals with old issues as well as new. Death, violence, non-consensual sex, blood gore, did I mention violence? Please proceed with caution.


This War of Ours

Part one: Prisoner.

Chapter one

Colonel Bradley Severson shifted in his position, his eyes scanning the dense dark jungle around him and his troops. He hated this jungle, almost as much as he hated this planet. Another mission, and they'd be out of here, headed home. Home to earth, home to loving arms. Letting his eyes scan the area again, he glanced at his men.

Lifting a hand, he signaled them to move, slowly following keeping an eye out behind them. All they had to do was get that disk, hidden in the ruins of Salmoria. It shouldn't be hard, for the past three days they had watched the overgrown, crumbled city and had yet to see any of the enemy.

They moved like shadows, six in all. To sneak in, grab the information and get back to the rendezvous point. Then home, to blue skies and gentle breezes, and no more smell of death. This was in fact a dying planet.

"Cornel?" Came the quiet voice of one of Bradley's young officers.

"Yeah?" Bradley answered, seeing the kid point to a spot on his screen. "You sure Jefferson?"

The kid nodded, shifting slightly. It was hot here, mostly because they were so close to this planet's sun, but also do to the destruction that was befalling the planet.

"Alright, lets move out." Bradley said, watching as they moved into the city. They followed the kid, Jefferson, to where his computer scan showed the disk. They came to a small opening in what looked to be a wall. Turning on flashlights, they saw the steps that led down into the earth. "I'll go, you all keep a look out."

Nods went around, Bradley slowly took the steps. His eyes, scanning the small spaces around him. Garentier where small people averaging about five foot three. Although he couldn't say on the woman, he had yet to see the female of the spices. Ducking so his six-foot frame would fit through the entrance at the bottom, he let his eyes scan the area.

It was a small square room, on the other end sat what looked to some sort of computer. Walking over he let his eyes scan it before he reached out his hand. He knew somewhere was the port that hid the disk, and he needed to find it. Pulling out a small hand held computer, he turned it on, scrolling through the Garentier's symbols looking for one that matched the stuff before him.

Finding the one he needed, he pressed the symbol, and nothing happened. Frowning, he touched the symbol again. Finally after a minute it hissed slightly, and a compartment opened up. With a smile he reached in, removing the disk and placing it into a holder. Making his way back outside he nodded to his men.

"Let set up came here tonight," He said, seeing that night was falling fast. "And tomorrow well make it back to the rendezvous point."

Nods and agreements went around the men. Breaking into groups, they started setting up camp in one of the rises. With in an hour, the camp was set up and they went about making food. It was quiet here, almost eerie.

"I'm gonna make a pass, just to make sure." Bradley said, he saw his troops nod, even though they were looking at him slightly weird. Bradley made his pass, checking for any signs of something amiss. Not seeing anything he returned to camp, sitting down next to his troops.

"It's as quiet as a lamb." Montana said, grinning.

"Lambs to the slaughter." Bradley said seeing the other's grin fade slightly.

"We know how much you dislike this planet, Brad, but come on. Sometimes at night, it must have been a beautiful place." Montana said grinning again.

"Beautiful at one time or another doesn't matter, what matters is the cold evil things living here now, and trying to take over other planets." Bradley said shaking his head. He nodded his thanks to Johansson when the kid handed him a cup of coffee.

"I can't wait to get home to my girl." Jefferson said, his light brown eyes flashed happily. "She's about the purdiest girl you've ever seen."

The other laughed slightly; they all had someone back home. After a few more minutes they turned their eyes to Bradley. "Tell us about that pretty blond that said goodbye to you."

"There isn't much to tell." Bradley said grinning slightly. "Savanna is a sweet caring young woman."

"Are ya gonna marry her?" Troy asked, seeing them look at him.

"Most likely." Bradley said. Turning slightly away from his troops, he let his mind go to Savanna, the woman he had left a year ago, wondering if in fact she had waited for him. They had met just before the war had become a global knowledge, becoming close, and were soon irrespirable.

"Hey Brad?" Piza, the quietest of them said.

"Yeah?" The man answered looking at them.

"You love her a lot?" He said quietly. His voice barely above a whisper, but that was normal for the man. Bradley nodded, again, thinking of all he left behind. He was quiet as his troops settled down, and soon soft snores and deep breathing filled the camp. But Bradley couldn't seem to sleep that night.


"How long have they been there?" Bradley asked Jefferson, seeing the kid shake his head. They were now tracking about ten Garentier across the screen, showing them about a mile ahead of them. Bradley looked back at the screen, once again trying to figure out what to do. They could go ahead, towards the rendezvous point, and hope the enemy wasn't there when they got there, or they could hold tight and miss the time.

"We got to do something Colonel, sitting here ain't gonna get no where's." Montana said, his eyes going to the jungle around them.

"Let go." Bradley said, leading the way. It was quiet as they tried to make it through the jungle without a sound. But suddenly something sounded behind them, and turning they were too late, surrounded by Garentier. They fought, but in the end, they lost. Twenty Garentiers had overcome them, killing Troy and injuring Piza.

They were marched, through the jungle and back pass the ruins of Salmoria. And halfway down a mountain, to where at a little spot where it leveled out was hell. They were lead into the camp, bleeding, clothing torn and dirty, and their hands and feet tied. Giving each person just enough to walk, but not run.

When they tried to speak, they were hit with weapons, and hissed at in a language they did not understand. Once to the middle of the camp, they were lined up, the five that were left, Piza being held up by Montana. "You will stand, you will wait for leader."

"Leader?" Bradley questioned seeing the Garentier look at him. They weren't an unpleasant species by any means, slender pale people, with huge eyes. Their eye color ranged the entire color spectrum. As well as their hair, that too held many natural colors humans didn't have. The Garentier in front of him had a startling pair of honey eyes, flashing anger at him.

"Shut up, filthy earthling." He hissed reaching up he was about the strike the taller man. When someone called out in that strange language again. They turned, watching as a man, dressed in tight white pants, black boots, and a white jacket waked towards them. His shoulder length blond-ish blue sliver hair such a contrast to his pale azure eyes.

The rest of the Garentier bowed slightly as the man approached, showing that this tiny creature was the one in charge. The man walked until he was standing almost directly in front of Bradley, his eyes going to the man before turning to his officer and again speaking in a language they didn't know. The man bowed, and hurried off, and then one in charge looked at the five earthlings again.

"This one does not look well." He said, his lilting voice soft. "Such delicate creatures you are, prone to sickness and infections."

"He'll be fine." Bradley hissed bringing those eyes back to him. That's when he got a good look at the creature in front of him, almond shaped eyes that tilted up slightly at the outer corners. High cheekbones giving him an almost feminine look, full pale lips, the softest color pink he had ever seen. And skin so pale it was almost bluish.

"You are the leader?" He asked seeing Bradley nod. "I am General Moria, and you are my prisoners."

"I wish to get medical attention for my comrade." Bradley said watching the man in front of him smile slightly, showing perfect white teeth. He watched as Moria looked to Piza, then back at him.

"Would be a waste, open wounds on you don't tend to heal here." Moria said shrugging slender shoulders. "Take them to the cage."

"Wait." Bradley hissed, but the man just turned on his heels and walked way. Turning he growled at one man who was herding them towards a cage. Fighting would be worthless they knew that. If they tried to run, they'd be shot down like dogs, or worse. Slave trade here was legal, and it didn't matter if the planet you came from banded it or not.

"Cornel, it hurts." The young man hissed as they laid him down onto a small makeshift bed. It was short, barely acuminating his five foot eleven inch frame.

"I know, but don't worry, we'll take care of you." Bradley said, as he took the offered water canteen from Montana. "This from our supply?"

"Yeah, last time we restocked." The man nodded.

"Ok, hold him, this is gonna hurt." Bradley said, as Montana moved to the other man's head, and held him by his shoulders. Cleaning the wounds, he cut away the damaged flesh on the boy's legs and lower back. While he was doing that, the other two had gone and lit a fire, and were working on sterilizing a needle.

"Here." Jefferson said handing the hot sterile needle and thread to Bradley. Nodding the man took it, seeing that Piza was passed out from the pain, and at least the screaming had stopped.

"Thanks." Bradley said as he started to stitch the wounds closed the best he could.

"Does your species always take such actions to try and save the futile?" Came a quiet voice from outside the cage. Turning Bradley meet the azure eyes of the leader.

"We don't believe in giving up until the last breath has left the body." Bradley said turning back to stitching up the boy's wounds.

"I see." Moria replied shaking his head slightly, a rueful smile played on his lips. "Makes you feel important, forestalling his passing, letting him be in pain. When in the end, death will claim him?"

"Listen here," Bradley hissed getting up and walking over to confront the man. "Each and every life is precious, each and ever life is important. And I will be damned if I'm just gonna let him die, because you're an asshole and won't give him medical attention."

His smile widened, as he had to look up to see the man's face. "Our medical people would end up killing him faster then not helping him would. You see, our methods, are not what you'd call Earthling friendly."

"I see." Bradley said wondering just what kind of medical people they had. "What happens when one of yours get wounded?"

"They are left, they can fend for themselves, or not." Moria said seeing surprise enter the man's brown eyes, watching as the earthling's leader shook his head and laughed.

"No wonder, your such a hated species. Why they called us in, when you invaded." Bradley hissed. "What about regular people? Your woman, when they have babies, your children when they get sick?"

"There are no regular people, as for our woman and babies, they are well taken care of and protected. A caretaker has been known to die protecting them." Moria said softly. Looking down he let his eyes scan the other four men, seeing fear from three, since one was passed out. Looking back up at the leader, he studied him. He was tall, compared to every earthling he had seen, short brown hair, and pale brown eyes.

"Fuck you." Bradley hissed low turning away from the bars. He'd had enough of this prick, and walking back to his men he sighed as he sat down. He nodded to Jefferson who had finished closing the wounds; glancing back at Moria he just shook his head.


"How long do you think they'll keep us here?" Johansson asked looking out over the darken quiet camp.

"Don't know." Bradley said from where he was helping Piza drink from the canteen. Letting the boy lay back down he patted his shoulder before moving to stand next to Johansson.

"It's been three days, they're barely feeding us." Johansson said, as he glanced back at the other three before looking at Bradley again.

"They left our rations." Bradley replied looking towards the one building that light came from.

"Yeah, but another day or so, and those will be gone." Johansson said softly. Glancing back he looked at Bradley again. "Do you think they're looking for us?"

"I hope." Bradley said pushing away to walk back over to the fire. So far, they've been left alone, but not allowed to leave the little cage. Which makes for a very hard three days. Piza was getting better too, slowly, the boy spent more time awake, and today they'd gotten him to eat.

Dropping down he watched Montana and Jefferson play cards. After a few minutes, he stood going to his pack and pulling out a journal. As he wrote to Savanna, and his sister he let his mind go over the year he had been on the foreign planet. Bug infested swamps, ruins of once beautiful cities. The death of millions of people not only Garentiers but also earthlings.

"Colonel?" Montana said, seeing the man look up.

"Yeah?" Bradley replied.

"You ok? You look like you're about to break down." Montana said softly.

"I was thinking of my sister. Her son must be almost one by now." He replied. "I left when she was in the hospital having the baby boy."

"I'm sorry." The man said. Bradley nodded, going back to his journal. After writing more, he finally set it aside and looked over his sleeping men. He felt almost a maternal need to protect them they were so young. Only him, who was thirty and Johansson who was twenty-seven, the other three were barely eighteen.

"You spend a lot of time watching them." Came a quiet voice from behind him. Turning Bradley found Moria standing there, hard to read, since it was dark. Getting up he walked over to the bars to look down at the man.

"I feel the need to protect them." Bradley said. "Their safety was entrusted to me."

The small man nodded, looking out at the men again. "I see."

"Why are you out here? And what do you plan on doing with us." Bradley asked, seeing the man look at him again.

"Once you give me the disk you took from the ruins, you are to be shipped to the main compound where I am sorry to say, you'll most likely be put to death. Or at least your men, you they might use as a bargaining chip." Moria said.

"Oh." Bradley said. "You didn't say why you were out here."

"To get the disk from you." He replied looking up at the taller man. He watched Bradley nodded as he leaned against the inside of the bars and crossed his arms.

"Don't have it." Bradley said hearing what sounded like a snort from him.

"We know you have it." Moria said, seeing the man shake his head no.

"Can't prove it, so sorry." Bradley said pushing away from the bars. Walking over to where his sleeping bag was laying on the ground he ignored the man watching him. After a few minutes Bradley heard the sound of footsteps walking away from the cage.

With a sigh, he turned over to face away from his men. He hated this planet, and hoped that they either killed him soon or contacted his superiors. Because, he was tired of sitting around.


Bradley looked up as one of the Garentiers stopped outside of the cage. He could watch the man's slim features twist in disgust, just before the man moved to open the cages door. "Out, you will work."

"Come on." Bradley said helping Piza up. The four of them walked out of the cage, Bradley looked up, seeing Moria standing in front of the main building watching them. There was something about that man that Bradley found strange, first off he hadn't come back since the night he asked for the disk.

"Their leader is a bit freaky." Piza said softly seeing Bradley look at him and nod. He was freaky, in that quiet almost sadistic way. They were lead to an area, overgrown with weeds, giving badly shaped tool and told to clean it out. Bradley held what he assumed to be a rake, and looked at Piza as the boy pulled away.

"Will you be able to work?" Bradley asked seeing Piza nod. Taking the rake from his leader the boy walked away, working slowly. Grabbing another tool, he started to work next to his men, every once and a while reaching up to wipe the sweat from his face and look up to see Moria was still watching them.

"How long do you think he plans on standing there?" Montana asked seeing Bradley glance at him before turning his attention back to what he was doing.

"For as long as he likes." Bradley answered going back to work. After several hours, and a couple of sunburns later they were allowed to stop for lunch. Bradley could see that Moria was now talking to one of the men who had been watching them work.

"We need to get out of here." Johansson said.

"And what do you propose? Make a dash for the jungle without our radio and supplies?" Bradley asked seeing all the men look at him strange. "Listen at here we're somewhat safe, and without the disk they have to keep us all alive."

"So you say we wait?" Johansson asked seeing the man nod.

"A rescue party is out looking for us, and they won't give up until they either find out carcasses or get proof we're dead." Bradley said.

"Are you sure?" Piza asked seeing Bradley nod.

"I'm positive, they will find us." Bradley said. They finished what they had been given to eat, and soon were back working. Piza didn't look so well, and Bradley started to worry. After another couple of hours, and still only getting a small amount of work down in the hard rocky soil, Piza collapsed. And when Bradley went to help, he got hit for his actions.

"No." Piza said weakly struggling up. "I'm fine, please."

"Okay." Bradley said letting the boy get up. He watched as Piza swayed slightly but managed to stay up, he looked over to Moria seeing the man was smiling slightly. He glared at the man, hating to see someone was getting off on another's pain. He watched as the smile on Moria's face widened.

Bradley looked away, turning back to his work and trying to block the man's pale face from his thoughts. He wanted to bash the man's face in, hating that the man could seem so uncaring of what was happening to them. Turning back again, he started to work.


"And here we are again." Moria said softly from outside the cage. He watched as Bradley looked up from where he was reading something. "Are you not getting tired of this?"

"Naw, I guess if you feel the need to come out here and keep asking. Might as well humor you." Bradley said turning the page of the book he was reading.

"This is unintelligent, we will eventually kill you. With or without the disk." Moria said watching as Bradley placed the book down. He watched as the man stood, towering over him as he crossed the cage to stand in front of him. The bars were the only thing separating them, and he didn't flinch when Bradley reached between the bars to grab the front of his uniform.

"Whatever makes you feel like a big man." Bradley hissed pulling up slightly. But after a second he pulled his hand back seeing the azure eyes watching him filled with curiosity. "You have somewhere in your sad existence lost all compassion towards other living people."

"I have not lost it Colonel, you can not lose something you've never had." Moria said letting his eyes scan the sleeping group of men. "Maybe I should kill one of your men, then maybe you'd be more agreeable?"

"You kill one of my men, and I'll rip you apart." Bradley said seeing the small slender man grin at him.

"You will try, Colonel, you will try." With that stated the small man turned and walked away. Bradley watched him go, glaring at the man's back as he walked away. Glaring until the man disappeared, he finally turned back to his sleeping bag and book.

"You okay?" Johansson asked seeing the man look at him.

"Yeah I guess." Bradley replied shaking his head. "I just don't trust that man, something in his eyes that says he's willing to kill us all to get what he wants."

"Either way Colonel we're screwed." Johansson said shifting. "When he tires of this game he plays with you, he'll kill us."

"Yeah." Bradley said finding that sleep wouldn't come that night for him.


Bradley looked up when one of the Garentiers open the cell door. Walking out Bradley was surprised when one of them took a hold of Piza. Leading the healing boy away from the group, when Bradley tried to stop them, he was held back by a gun. He watched as they led Piza to what looked like a posted cross, tying the boy's arms to each end of the crossed wood.

"Let go!" Piza screamed, his voice hoarse. Bradley moved, only to be held back by three of the guards. He watched as Moria appeared, something coiled in his hand.

"NO!" Bradley hissed seeing the General was watching him. Moria only paused, before moving to stand behind Piza, reaching up he took hold of the boy's shirt and ripped. Once the boy's back was exposed, Moria looked at Bradley again, as if waiting for the man to say something. After a second, Moria smiled uncoiling the whip and pushing a button. The whip sizzled, and pulling back the Garentier General let it fall across Piza back.

The scream that split the air made Bradley stop for a second, his heart pounding in his chest. He couldn't believe it; the sadistic bastard was actually whipping a hurt helpless boy. With a low growl he tried to break away again, but again he was held back as the whip fell across the boy's slender pale back. Another scream filled the air, this time followed by a sob.

"Stop it!" Bradley screamed seeing Moria look at him the man was still smiling. He glared, seeing the man didn't even lose his smile.

"The disk?" Moria asked his gaze slipping from Bradley back to Piza's back.

"We don't have it." Bradley hissed. Moria's smile turned evil, which Bradley hadn't believed it could, raising the whip he glanced at Bradley before letting it fall again. Again the boy screamed, his voice hoarse after another scream. Again and again the whip fell, until the smell of burned flesh reached them.

Bradley swore again, yanking away from the guards holding him. Once free he bolted towards Moria seeing the man turn to him, the smile never fading from his face. He tackled the man, one hand on the wrist that was holding the whip as he glared down at the man.

"Níl." Moria said holding out his free hand, his eyes on the man above him.

"You want to take out your frustrations about this disk, then take them out on me!" Bradley hissed shifting slightly. Moria pulled his hand loose, the one with the whip, and for a minute Bradley thought the man would use it on him. But watched as the man just continued to watch him.

"An tine dar leat, bia an tine istigh mo luan." Moria said softly, shifting to pull the whip up, his tongue coming out to lick some of the boy's blood off. Bradley jerked back, his eyes wide. "Glac seisean imithe."

"What the…" Bradley didn't finish as he was yanked up, he watched as Moria got to his feet, the smile still on his face. "Don't you dare, don't you whip him!"

"Take the boy down, and give him back to his comrades." Moria said turning to follow after the three men pulling Bradley along.

Johansson rushed forward, taking the boy from the two Garentier guards. Piza moaned, on the brink of unconscious.

"Don't let them hurt the colonel." He whispered.

"Hush, don't worry about the colonel." Johansson said taking the boy back to the cage.


Bradley cringed as another fist found his stomach. He clinched his teeth, glaring at the man trying to strip him of his clothing. He wasn't going to let them down it without a fight, he'd be damned if he wasn't. But after a futile struggle he was naked and tied to the table. He glared, hearing the men snicker as they left the room.

As soon as they left he stopped struggling slightly, trying to get his bearing of where he was at. Letting his gaze scan the room, he could see a small desk, which had nothing on it. To what looked to be a small bathroom off the room he was in. Closing his eyes, he pulled at his bindings hoping they would come free. But found that nothing he did would gain his freedom.


"Cap," Montana said, seeing the man look at him. Nodding towards the outer area, he watched as Johansson turned to look, seeing Moria standing there.

"What the hell do you want? And where is Colonel Severson?" He hissed.

"You're Colonel is going to be questioned, and its not what I want, but maybe you?" Moria asked holding up an Earth military's pack. "To dress his wounds."

"What do you want in return?" Johansson asked standing to cross over to the bars.

"I want the disk." Moria said looking up at the man.

"Severson was the last to have it." Johansson said quietly. "Maybe if you give me that pack, I could find out where he's stashed it."

Moria smiled, something evil in his eyes. "Very good, then. Let me know when you find it."

Johansson nodded, taking the pack when the man passed it through the bars. Turning away he walked back over to the others. Moria watched them for a few seconds before with a smile turned and walked back towards the main building. A smile played on his face, just the thought of the fun before him.

Entering the building he stopped seeing the two guards standing there. "Fág."

They nodded, turning to make their way down the hall and out of the building. Once they were gone Moria walked into the room, his eyes scanning the naked restrained man. Walking in he met the blazing brown eyes, seeing hate burning in their depths.

Tarraing anáil glac." Moria said moving to stand by the desk.

"What the hell did you do with Piza?" Bradley hissed, seeing the smile come back.

"Oh don't worry, your little comrade is safe." Moria said still watching him from the desk. Bradley continued to glare at him, not sure what else to say. He had never been in a situation like this before, and he didn't like the way the other man was looking at him.

"Let me up." Bradley finally said.

"Oh of course," Came the sarcastic report. Another smile found the man's face, and pushing away from the desk, Moria slowly walked around Bradley's, letting his eyes scan the man's tanned smooth flesh.

"This isn't right!" Bradley hissed, glaring at the man as he walked around him getting closer with every pass. He jerked when he felt cool fingers lightly touch his arm.

"Oh this is only the beginning, mo cheannsa." The man said softly walking to stand at the end of the bed. "I have been very patient with you, but mine have started to wear thin. I want that disk, the next man wont be so luck as to be just whipped."

"I'll stop you, just like I did this time!" Bradley hissed from where he was trying to see the man.

"You'll try, my men could have killed you before you even touched me." Moria said moving around the bed, he let his fingers trail up Bradley's side. "You have a very beautiful body, strong and healthy."

"Stop touching me." Bradley said pulling away as far as his bonds would let him. Moria smiled, again letting his hand slide over Bradley's chest. Crawling up onto the bed, he moved to straddle the wide-eyed colonel.

"I find myself intrigued with you," Moria said. "The fire that burns so deep within you, the hate in your eyes when you look at me."

Bradley could only look up at the man, watching as the man's blond head bent and clinched his teeth when he felt a warm tongue run over his skin. When Moria pulled back, he watched as the man licked his lips looking thoughtful. He watched as Moria leaned again, meeting his eyes.

"I suppose I could torture you, at least make you scream once or twice." He said his grin become evil. Scooting off the man, Moria walked back over to the desk. Picking something up he turned back to Bradley seeing the man was still glaring at him. "What would make that look go away?"

"Let me go." Bradley hissed.

"Then I wouldn't have as much fun." Moria said walking back over towards him. "Besides, I certainly can't let you go until I've broken you."

"You're not gonna break me!" Bradley hissed pulling away when the man tried to touch him again. Moria smiled, watching the man fight against the bonds.

"Oh I will, with or without the pain." Moria said pulling out a small knife from the box he had picked up. "Would be a pity, to mare that beautiful flesh."

Bradley watched him, clinching his teeth as the blade came closer to his flesh. He wouldn't give the man the satisfaction of hearing him scream. His jaw clinched even tighter as the knife pulled across his shoulder, seeing Moria grin as blood spilled out.

"Beautiful, I forgot how pretty your blood is." Moria muttered leaning to lick of the life giving fluid. Pulling back slightly he grinned again. "Don't worry, I will get you to scream, one way or the other."

Moria turned away again, walking over to the desk to get something. When he came back he saw that Bradley had his eyes closed, and his breathing was normal. Reaching out, he pulled the knife over the man's flesh again, seeing a tightening in the man's jaw.

"So much pride." Moria muttered, crawling back up to straddle Bradley. Leaning he let his tongue move over several of the seeping wounds. Reaching up, he pushed his fingertips against one, hearing the man under him hiss. Bradley opened his eyes, meeting azure. "All you have to do is beg me to stop."

"I will never beg you." Bradley bit out as the knife bit into his skin again. Moria scooted back, reaching to pick up what he had set down. He raised the water to Bradley lips, seeing the man turn away.

"Come now, mo cheannsa, drink." Moria said using his other hand to hold the man's chin. Tipping the glass he poured the water into the man's mouth when he went to talk. Then placed his hand over Bradley's mouth until the man swallowed. As soon as he did, Moria got off him, and was quiet as he moved back towards the end of the bed.

Bradley watched the small man, seeing that Moria just stood there watching him. The Garentier's face was blank, but his eyes were intense. Bradley didn't know why the man was suddenly just watching him. But suddenly he started to feel strange, and heat spread through his body pooling in his groin. As his body started to react to whatever the Garentier had given him, Bradley started to fight once again against the bonds.

"What the fuck did you give me?" Bradley hissed pulling against his bonds until he thought his bones would break. His eyes widened even more when the man before him started to strip out of his clothing. "No! Do you hear me, I swear to god, I'll gut you myself."

Moria didn't pause, as he dropped the last piece of his clothing onto the floor. His eyes going to the erection that Bradley now had. Grinning he moved forward, nudging the other's legs slightly apart as he crawled up onto the bed. Reaching out he let his fingers brush the man's erection. Bradley froze, his eyes on the hand that was touching him.

"Don't!" He hissed, yet his body cried out for stimulation and release. "What the hell did you give me?"

"I believe your people would call it an aphrodisiac." Moria said shifting to place his hands on each side of Bradley's chest to lean down to kiss the man's chest.

"Get off me!" Bradley hissed trying to throw the man off him.

"I suppose I could leave you like this, hard and aching." Moria said shifting lower, to let his tongue run over Bradley's erection. Bradley clinched his teeth, this wasn't happening. He wanted to groan when Moria took his erection into his hot mouth.


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