Chapter Sixteen

This War of Ours

Chapter Sixteen


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Moria rolled, opening his eyes. He let his eyes focus on the clock seeing that it was almost an hour past the time Blair was due to be up and eating. Feeling panic, he turned to the other side of the bed seeing that it was empty. Getting up he walked towards the baby's room. Stopping in the doorway he watched as Bradley rocked Blair.

"Hey," Bradley said looking at him. "Did we wake you?"

"No," Moria replied moving into the room. "I woke up, and realized it was past his feeding time."

"Yeah I was awake, so I figured I'd let you sleep." Bradley replied.

"Well you shouldn't, I should really get up with him," Moria replied walking towards them. Bradley stood, placing Blair back into his cradle. He turned his attention to the boy.

"I am quite capable of taking care of our son," Bradley replied seeing Moria glare at him. The boy didn't answer, just continued to glare at him. "Go back to bed."

Moria's eyes narrowed, but the boy turned and walked back to the bedroom. Bradley followed behind; wondering that had been up with Moria the last few weeks. Every time he would pick up the baby Moria would hover and nearly freak. It was as if the boy thought he would hurt the baby.

Crawling into the bed, he watched the boy. Reaching over he pulled Moria towards him, snuggling the boy close to his side. Moria stiffened, but soon he could fell the boy relax and fall asleep. Shaking his head, Bradley finally sighed and closing his eyes let sleep claim him again.


Bradley carried his son across the room, slightly bouncing the baby as he walked. He saw Moria was watching him, and smiled at the boy. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," Moria replied walking towards him. Stopping just in front of Bradley he looked up at the man. "I think I can spend a few hours here by myself."

"Alright," Bradley said handing the baby to Moria. "I'll be back then, you have my cell number."

"Okay," Moria said grinning down at Blair. After a second he looked up seeing Bradley was watching him. He held still as Bradley leaned slightly and kissed him. He watched as Bradley stepped back and smiled at him, then the man leaned down to kiss Blair on the forehead.

"I won't be long," Bradley said turning to leave the house. Moria watched him go, then turned back to his son. Walking over to the sofa he sat down, balancing the baby on his legs. He smiled down at his son, seeing the Blair was wide-awake. "Gleoite deas leanbh."

Moria continued to talk to his son as he played with him, smiling when Blair laughed and cooed. Hearing the doorbell he got up to answer it. "Hey Tay."

"Joanie and I are going for a walk, want to come?" Taylor asked smiling.

"Well Bradley isn't here," Moria said shifting the baby.

"Well you have a stroller, and the park is only down the street." Taylor replied. "Leave him a note, or call him."

"Alright I'll leave him a note," Moria said walking in to place Blair in the stroller, and then write a note. Grabbing the dog leash and Pis Chumhra he walked back towards the door. He grabbed the keys that Bradley had made sure he knew where they were.

"So how's he doing?" Taylor asked as he pushed Joanie in her stroller.

"Blair is doing well," Moria replied. Inhaling deeply he smiled. "It's nice to be outside."

"Yeah, and the park is great." Taylor said as they walked. It was only two blocks down; the park was nice, and there were several other kids playing. Finding a bench Taylor let Joanie out of the stroller, watching as she moved away to play. Sitting down next to Moria, he glanced at the sleeping baby. "So how are things going between you and Bradley?"

Moria shrugged not sure what to tell him. "I am not sure when he is sending me back."

"Back?" Taylor asked.

"Back to my planet," Moria replied. "That was the deal, I stay until our son was born and then he sends me back to face charges."

"Charges?" Taylor asked looking at him.

"Um, well yes, it's illegal on my planet to be bonded to Bradley." Moria looked down at Blair. "And becoming pregnant with Bradley's seed was even worse."

"Oh," Taylor said.

"And there is the fact that I let Bradley and his men escape, and was taken prisoner." Moria sighed. "It was just one thing after another."

"So you would go back, spend a few years on prison and then come back?" Taylor asked as he watched his daughter play.

"No I would be executed," Moria said softly. He glanced over at Taylor seeing the man was staring straight ahead. Shaking his head he turned his attention back to his son. They sat there for a couple of hours, before Moria decided that he was tired. Getting up they put Joanie back into her stroller they walked back towards the house.

Moria was glad to be back, walking over he got a bottle from the fridge. Heating it he walked over to pick up Blair, sitting down he cuddled the baby as he fed his son. After the bottle was empty Moria placed it onto the table, propping the baby against his shoulder he patted Blair's back.

Getting up he placed Blair into the bassinet, smiling he watched as Blair sucked on one fist as the boy fell asleep. Walking over Moria dropped down onto the sofa and flipped the TV on. Leaning back he closed his eyes, finding that it was tiring to raise a child.

Moria jerked awake, rolling he shot up. He stopped when Bradley raised an eyebrow, seeing the man was watching him strangely. "Problems?"

"No," Moria answered watching as Bradley patted Blair's back. "You startled me is all."

"Really? Then why are you still standing there on the defensive?" Bradley asked watching him. "Listen, I'm not gonna hurt him, hell the last thing on my mind is hurting this beautiful child."

"I never said you would hurt Blair," Moria whispered. "I think you're a very loving parent."

"Then why don't you fill me on why you freak every time I lay hands on our child?" Bradley asked placing the sleeping baby into the cradle.

"Because I am selfish, I only have a limited time with him," Moria said his eyes on Blair. "You will have him after I am gone, you will get to watch him grow."

"Moria," Bradley said his eyes widening when the boy attacked him.

"No!" Moria hissed, "don't you say anything, you have no right to tell me you're sorry for taking my son away."

"I'm not," Bradley was cut off as Moria hit him. Reaching up he grabbed the boy's wrists. "Damn it Moria, stop it, I mean it stop it!"

"You are sending me home to die!" Moria yelled. "Even if they don't hang me, I'll still die, I'll never get to see my son grow up!"

"You brought it on yourself!" Bradley hissed.

"He's my son, at least give me the time with him." Moria asked.

"I have never denied you the right to be with him," Bradley yelled. "I never denied you anything since you've come to live with me, I haven't done anything but taken care of you!"

"I never asked you too!" Moria hissed pulling his hands away to hit Bradley. Bradley growled hating to strike out at the boy, but did. It only made Moria fight all that harder. Within minutes Bradley's lip was split open.

"Moria," Bradley said completely relaxing under the boy. He watched as Moria paused to look at him, the boy's eyes running over the damaged that was done. Pulling back, Moria backed off Bradley to sit by the sofa. His head was on his knees. Bradley watched him, he knew now what he had to do. Getting up he walked over to the videophone.

"Bradley," Stacy said.

"Hey mom, I was wondering if you could do something for me?" Bradley asked reaching up to touch his split lip.

"Of course, is everything okay?" Stacy asked worried.

"Fine, can you take Blair for the weekend?" Bradley said seeing Moria's head popped up. He could see the warmth slowly drain from the boy's eyes.

"Is it that time already?" Stacy asked. Bradley nodded, only half watching as Moria went over and picked up Blair to cuddle the child against his chest. "Sure, I'll be over in half an hour."

"Thanks," Bradley answered turning off the videophone. Glancing at Moria and the baby, Bradley went up to Blair's room to pack some of the baby's things. Walking back down, he set the bag down by the door.

"Please?" Moria whispered.

"No more, just don't." Bradley replied gathering up the rest of the baby's stuff. When he had everything ready he looked over to see Moria was cuddled onto the sofa holding Blair.


Bradley finished putting Blair's portable crib and stuff into his mother's trunk. He turned to see Stacy was standing on the steps. Shaking his head he walked back into the house, walking over he stopped in front of Moria. He could see the boy was looking down, and reaching out he slowly took Blair from him.

Buckling Blair into his seat he walked out with his mother, putting the car seat into the car he kissed his mother on her cheek. "Are you two going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I just hope I can do this." Bradley shrugged.

"I wish you luck," Stacy replied getting into her car. Bradley watched his mother go, until he lost sight of the car turning back to the house he took a deep breath. Walking into the house, he glanced around not seeing Moria he walked up the stairs.

"Moria?" Bradley said seeing the boy was in the nursery.

"I have nothing here, I'm ready to go." Moria said softly. He was holding a picture to his chest.

"You're not going anywhere," Bradley said, but Moria didn't respond to it. He watched as Moria walked by him and into their bedroom. Following after him he watched as Moria looked around the room. "Moria?"

"My uniform? The one I was wearing that day when you were rescued?" Moria glanced at him. "I would like to wear that home."

"You're not going to Garnet," Bradley said seeing the boy nod.

"Well I would like to wear it back to the military base since it should fit again," Moria replied. Bradley sighed, seeing that this was getting him nowhere. Walking over he looked down at Moria, but when the boy went to take a step back he reached up to bury one hand in the boy hair. "Let go."

"No," Bradley said claiming Moria's mouth. Moria tried to pull away, but Bradley wrapped his arms around the boy. "Stop fighting me."

"Let me go," Moria tried to twist away. A yelp escaped him when Bradley shifted to push him onto the bed. Rolling he tried to scoot off the bed only to have Bradley grab him while the man straddled him.

Bradley smiled as he grabbed Moria's hands, bringing them up he shifted to pull out a tie from the bedside drawer. Tying one wrist, he wove the tie into the headboard before tying the other wrist. He looked down to see Moria was glaring at him.

"Untie me now!" Moria hissed.

"I'm suppose to listen to you?" Bradley asked lowering his weight onto the boy. "Like when you had me tied to the bed? You didn't let me go, so what makes you think I'll let you go?"

"Don't do this, please don't," Moria looked up, seeing the smile on Bradley's face.

"Don't what?" Bradley asked leaning to lick Moria's ear.

"You can't," Moria tried to twist.

"I can," Bradley kissed Moria's neck. "Because I'm not letting you go, I'm keeping you."

"What?" Moria asked, looking up as Bradley pulled back and started to strip him.

"I have decided, that I'm keeping you," Bradley said pulling the button free on Moria's pants. He slowly started to pull the pants from Moria's body. "You tortured me for six months, I think some pay back is in order."

"It was my job, I was suppose to torture you." Moria hissed glaring at the man.

"And the sex?" Bradley asked dropping the clothing to the floor. Pulling his own clothing off, he looked at the boy. He wasn't fast enough to avoid Moria's foot, and the boy managed to plant his foot in the middle of Bradley's chest. Smiling Bradley wrapped his hands around Moria's ankle. He slowly let his hand run up and down Moria's smooth leg. "Where was that written?"

"Let go," Moria hissed trying to pull his leg free.

"I can remember that first time, the first time you impaled yourself on me," Bradley shifted, moving Moria's foot from his chest. Leaning he brought his face close to Moria's.

"And if you recall, I cut you up too." Moria glared. "So where the knife? Hum? Big man that you are, where's the knife?"

"I don't need a knife, Moria." Bradley grinned letting his eyes scan the body before him. "You see this isn't about pain, this my dear boy is about showing you your place."

Moria glared at him, what was he suppose to say. That in fact he'd like to know his place, or at least what Bradley planed on doing with him. He swallowed hard watching as one of Bradley's hands started to slowly run over his chest. Grabbing his lower lip between his teeth, he bit down as Bradley's fingers brushed over his nipple.

"No, none of that," Bradley whispered nibbling at Moria's mouth. Moria's mouth opened under the pressure, feeling Bradley's tongue dip into his mouth. Moria twisted his body, trying desperately to rub against Bradley. But Bradley kept just out of reach of the boy's body.

Moria growled, biting down on Bradley's tongue. Bradley pulled back; looking down he smiled at the boy. Moving he placed kisses along Moria's jaw until he found the boy's ear. Pulling the lobe into his mouth, he tugged hearing the boy moan.

"You like that?" Bradley breathed hotly into Moria's ear. He could feel the boy body shudder, seeing the goose bumps that broke out across the boy's skin.

"Please don't do this, I can't…" Moria trailed off when Bradley's mouth closed over his nipple. Moria closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as Bradley rolled his nipple between his teeth.

Bradley looked up; reaching out he let his hand run over Moria's body. He watched the boy's face, mapping Moria's body with touch. Moving his hand down he slowly slid his fingers over Moria's erection until he could cup his testicles.

"Bradley," Moria hissed.

"Hum?" Bradley asked looking up at the boy. He studied the boy's face, seeing Moria looked incredibly tense. Keeping his eyes on Moria Bradley slipped his hand down slowly running his fingers over Moria's opening. Slipping a finger into the boy's body he listened to the incredible moan that escaped the boy.

Bradley shifted, leaning he latched onto one of Moria's nipples. He could hear the boy's low moans and mutters, but paid them no mind. Adding another finger, he pressed in as far as he could searching for the boy's prostate. Finding it he pressed against it feeling Moria jerk.

"Bradley!" Moria hissed out, he jerked on his hands. But he couldn't get them free, and shifting he pressed against the man pleasuring him. Crying out, Moria opened his leg further to press down against Bradley's hand. "Please…"

"I never thought you'd beg," Bradley muttered against one dusky nipple.

"I need release, please." Moria begged, shifting his head to look down at his lover.

"And you'll get it," Bradley said leaning up to kiss the boy. "When I decide you can."

"But…" Moria pressed his lips against Bradley's lips. "I really…"

"Hush now, or I'll gag you." Bradley whispered. He watched as Moria's eyes widened and had to smile. Moria bit onto his bottom lip, knowing that Bradley wasn't kidding. Tears of frustration sprang to his eyes, and he glared at the man.

Bradley continued to watch the boy, he wanted to be buried in that tight body. Reaching out with his free hand, Bradley cupped Moria's head tilting the boy's face towards him. Sucking Moria's bottom lip into his mouth, he added another finger to Moria's body. He slowly started to press his fingers in and out.

"Moria," Bradley whispered pulling his fingers free. He heard the boy groan in disappointment, but Moria looked up as Bradley shifted. He smiled at the way Moria opened to him, and pressing his erection against the boy's opening he pressed gently.

Moria groaned as Bradley pressed into him. The man was going slowly; to slow for him and pulling his legs up he locked them around Bradley's hips. Pulling himself up, Moria moaned when Bradley grabbed his hip keeping him from impaling himself faster. Keeping a hand on the boy, Bradley pushed completely into him a low moan escaping him. God it was nice, the heat and tightness.

Bradley looked at Moria, seeing the boy's eyes were closed. Smiling he leaned down slightly to gently kiss him, feeling as Moria pressed against him. Rocking his hips he watched Moria, smiling when blue eyes open to him. Slipping his hand out, he found a nipple to roll between his fingers.

"Bradley," Moria groaned, he yanked on his hands again. He wanted to wrap his arms around his lover; his fingers inched to run though the man's hair.

"Not yet," Bradley muttered, slipping down he wrapped a hand around the boy's arousal. Slowly stroking the boy he let his thrusts speed up.

Moria tilted his head back, a cry escaping him as he felt his orgasm build. Bradley's thrust were getting harder and deeper, and Moria knew that the man wouldn't last much longer. A yelp escaped him when he felt Bradley's hand wrap around the base of his erection. Shaking his head, he tried to get the man to let go.

"No…" Moria groaned out feeling as Bradley climaxed. Tears slipped from his eyes as Bradley slipped from his still aroused body.

"Shush, it's okay," Bradley said watching him. Lying down beside the boy he gently touched him, seeing Moria turn his head away. Leaning Bradley grinned against the boy's soft skin as his tongue found a nipple.


Moria twisted against his bonds, more tears slipped down his cheeks. He glanced over when Bradley came out of the bathroom seeing the man was smiling. He had no clue how long Bradley had kept him in a state of arousal, but his whole body ached. He watched as Bradley walked around the bed, coming to stand beside him.

"You're like a pearl glowing in the moonlight," Bradley slowly sat down beside him. Reaching out he slowly slid his hand over the boy's pale sweaty skin. He laughed slightly when Moria looked away. "Come now baby, you did this too me more times then I can count."

"I ache," Moria muttered into his arm where his head was buried.

"Where?" Bradley asked letting his hand find the boy's opening. "Here deep inside?"

Moria clinched his teeth as Bradley pushed two fingers into his stretched opening. A moan escaped him when the man's fingers brushed his prostate. He was going to be insane before Bradley ever allowed him to cum. Closing his eyes he tried not to concentrate on what Bradley was doing to him.

"I want to take you again," Bradley reached up, cupping the boy's head to force Moria to look at him. "And I'll untie you, and let you cum, would you like that?"

Moria nodded, seeing Bradley smile at him. "Please."

Bradley pulled his robe off, shifting to lean over the boy. He could feel Moria's legs as they wrapped around his hips, and burying himself into the boy's heat he reached up to pull the ties free. Moria's arms wrapped around him, and Bradley groaned at the feel of the boy's hands touching him.

Moria cried out, scratching at Bradley's back and shoulders. He arched his legs tightening around the man, he need release. "Oh god, faster!"

Bradley complied shifting to pull Moria's legs up to put them on his shoulders. He pounded into the boy, listening to the boy's moans and cries. Looking down he watched Moria's face, knowing seconds before the boy orgasmed. He cried out, as Moria tightened around him the boy's body squeezed him tightly pulling his own orgasm from him.

Moria closed his eyes, his whole body still shaking with the force of his climax. It took him a minute to realize he was still wrapped tightly around Bradley, and letting go he brought his legs down. He looked over as Bradley slipped to the bed beside him. The man was smiling, and Moria glared at him.

"Come on shower time," Bradley said pulling the boy up from the bed. He watched as Moria cringed slightly, but didn't say anything. Starting the shower Bradley waited for it to warm before pulling Moria into it with him. He picked up the soap, slowly starting to run it over the boy's pale skin.

Using one soapy hand he slowly traced Moria's backbone, down to the boy's hip. It was a few seconds later when Moria finally spoke. "What are you doing?"

"Learning," Bradley replied leaning to inhale the boy's scent. "Learning all the secrets of your body."

"Oh," Moria said closing his eyes, he gave into the man's touch. His body was exhausted, and all he really wanted to do was sleep. After the shower, Moria pretty much stumbled back to the bed. Dropping in he yawned as he closed his eyes, only to jerk them open a second later.

Bradley watched the boy; he had decided that come what may Moria was staying with him. He had pretty much decided that when he told Hogorth that Moria was dead. The only thing that made him pause was that Moria's parents would think he was dead, but Bradley needed to keep his bondmate safe.

Seeing Moria's eyes jerk open again he frowned. "What's wrong?"

"I keep listening for Blair," Moria whispered.

"Don't worry, he's fine." Bradley said reaching out to push the boy hair out of his face. "My mom is taking very good care of him, and if you want we can go get him tomorrow."

"Thank you," Moria muttered yawning again as his eyes slipped closed. Bradley watched him until he knew the boy was finally asleep. With wrapping his arms around him pulled Moria close and drifted off to sleep.


Moria moved around the kitchen, he hummed softly under his breath. He was pulling out things for breakfast; Bradley had gone out to get the paper while waking Pis chumhra. Moria smiled pausing in what he wad doing as he thought about waking up in Bradley's arms.

Turning back to the fruit he had taken out Moria started to cut it into small pieces. He hadn't quite managed to master the cooking part of things, but Bradley had promised to teach him. They planed to get Blair later in the day, because Bradley wanted to sit down and talk some more, and Moria was actually looking forward to it.

Hearing the videophone beep, he glanced around but seeing that Bradley wasn't back yet he pushed the button. What he saw made the smile fade from his face. Hogorth looked surprised, and Moria took a step back from the videophone even though the man was far away.

"You…you're suppose to be dead!" Hogorth yelled as the front door opened and Bradley walked in. "He told me you were dead!"

"What?" Moria asked glancing at Bradley.

"That fucking human told me you died birthing his bastard!" Hogorth hissed glaring at them. Hogorth's eyes settled onto Bradley. "How dare you, how dare you tell me he was dead."

"Because it was the only way to keep you away from him," Bradley replied matching the man's glare. "What the hell do you want? I told you to stay out of my life."

"I want your son, he is the next heir to the Garnet's thrown." Hogorth said. "While he may not be able to sire children, he is still royal blood."

"You can't have him, I already told you that." Bradley replied.

"I not only plan on taking him, but I will be taking Moria too." Hogorth said.

"Damn it," Bradley yelled slamming his hands down. "You don't listen do you, he's mine, did you hear me, mine. You come near him and I'll kill you myself, he's my bondmate! I own him body and soul, and I'll be damn if you or anyone else from that fucking planet will take him or my son away."

"Keep the bastard, I want Moria." Hogorth said smiling.

"What makes you think I'll let you have him, you sick bastard. There isn't a power in this universe that will make me give him up so you can torture him until you get tired of him." Bradley hissed. "I swear Hogorth, make the move to take him and I'll hunt you down."

"I have every right to him." Hogorth said.

"You have no right to him, he's mine." Bradley replied lowering his voice.

"You only wanted him because he carried your bastard!" Hogorth hissed. Bradley glanced at Moria seeing the boy was pale.

"At first, yes. But I want him now, not only because he carried my son. But of because of who he is, he bonded himself to me and I plan on keeping that bond." Bradley replied. "Now stay the fuck out of my life!"

"Don't you ta…" Bradley hit the button ending the call. Leaning against the counter he took a deep breath.

"You told him I was dead?" Moria asked. Bradley glanced at the boy Moria looked stricken. He wondered what had gone though Moria's head when he had made his little speech.

"They were going to take you away from me, it's the only thing I could think of." Bradley answered. "If not Hogorth, then your father."

Bradley sighed, moving to lean back against the counter to look at Moria. He only had seconds before the boy launched himself at him. Bradley caught him, thinking they were going to have another round of blows. But paused when Moria pressed his lips to his. "Fuck me!"

"What?" Bradley asked not sure what was going on.

"Fuck me now, Dia, please." Moria hissed sucking on Bradley's neck. When Bradley didn't move, Moria pulled and twisted bringing them to the floor. "Claim me, like you told Hogorth you owned me."

Bradley grinned, figuring out what Moria wanted. He had verbally claimed the boy, now Moria wanted to be physically claimed. And well that he could do. Shifting Bradley pulled the boy's pajama pants down, dropping a kiss to Moria's belly. Pulling the boy's pants completely off; Bradley looked at Moria's straining erection.

"Bradley?" Moria questioned second before the man's mouth engulfed his penis. Moria cried out, reaching out he tried to grip the cupboard. His nails left marks in the wood, but Moria didn't care. All that mattered was that Bradley was surrounding him in his hot wet mouth. Another cry escaped him when Bradley took more of him into his mouth, spreading his legs.

Bradley pushed a finger into the boy's opening, smiling around the hard flesh in his mouth as Moria cried out. Bradley slipped lower onto Moria's erection feeling the boy's moan vibrate through out Moria's whole body. He pressed his fingers deep into the boy, knowing as Moria's muscles started to tighten around him that Moria was close. He thought briefly if he should pull back.

Relaxing his throat Bradley took Moria in as deep as he could without gagging. In for a penny in for a pound went through Bradley's mind as Moria released into his mouth. He swallowed listening to the boy's ragged breathing. Pulling back he looked at Moria's face.

"Wow," Moria whispered softly.

"Thanks," Bradley grinned, leaning over to kiss the boy's mouth. Moria pulled away, and raising an eyebrow Bradley watched the boy. Moria crossed the room, pale skin glowing in the sunlight. Bradley smiled watching the boy in all his naked glory.

Moria pulled out the small box that his life bearer had sent him. Turning back to Bradley he smiled at his Earthling. Bradley was gorgeous; well built and had eyes that looked right to your soul.

"Moria?" Bradley asked, he was hard and aching. And he wanted to be buried in that boy's hot tight body. He was slightly surprised when Moria dropped down into his lap.

"I want to complete the bonding." Moria whispered as he started to unbutton Bradley's shirt.

"But I thought," Bradley raised an eyebrow at Moria. He looked down as the boy picked up the box showing him what was inside. "Is that a nipple piercing?"

"It's for me," Moria said softly as he set the box aside and went back to pulling off Bradley's shirt.

"I'm not going to pierce your nipple Moria," Bradley said reaching down to stop the boy's hands on his pants button.

"Please Bradley," Moria said. "This is my tradition, and I need this."

"I won't hurt you," Bradley said seeing a brilliant smile cross the boy's face.

"No pain," Moria leaned forward licking at his lover's lips. Pulling back he undid the man's pants freeing Bradley's straining erection. Reaching down he picked up the nipple piercing and handed it to Bradley.

"Moria," Bradley started, but groaned out as Moria shifted impaling himself onto Bradley's erection. Reaching out Bradley grabbed the boy's hips groaning again. "Oh god."

"Do it," Moria hissed meeting Bradley's eyes. "Please Bradley."

"I don't know how," Bradley said watching as Moria leaned back. He was captivated as Moria reached up to the piercing in his left nipple.

"You need to push it through my left nipple, the bend it into a circle." Moria said leaning to lick Bradley's pierced nipple. "Watch."

Bradley looked down watching as Moria worked the metal that pierced his nipple. He was surprised as how easily it seemed that Moria made it into a circle touching the two ends together.

"They fuse," Moria shifted watching as Bradley moaned softly.

"Okay," Bradley reached up to cup the back of Moria's head. Leaning he sucked Moria's bottom lip into his mouth to suck as he stared to move the boy up and down. Fisting his hand into the boy's silky hair he pulled away from Moria's mouth to find the boy's nipple. Sucking it until it hardened in his mouth Bradley bit slightly pulling a loud moan from Moria.

"Bradley please," Moria wiggled getting a growl from Bradley. He watched as Bradley pulled back, placing the sharp end of the bonding ring against Moria's hardened nipple and pushed it through. Moria cried out bucking against Bradley as pain mingled in him.

With half opened eyes Moria watched as Bradley worked the pliant metal. Soon the two ends touched fusing the metal together and making the ring whole. Wrapping his arms around Bradley he rocked his hips watching Bradley as the man smiled at him.

"I'm yours now, he can't take me away." Moria whispered softly.

"Really?" Bradley asked trying to concentrate on the conversation.

"This," Moria said pointing to the piercing. "This makes it so that they have no say any longer."

"Good," Bradley groaned grabbing Moria's hips to speed up the boy's movements. Moria moaned a cry escaping him as Bradley shifted him aiming his thrust deeper inside of him. Clinching his teeth Bradley met the boy's eyes, reaching down he took the boy's hard member stoking him.

"Bradley!" Moria cried out, his release spilling over Bradley's hand.

"That's it," Bradley groaned out releasing into his lover's body. Holding the boy close, Bradley waited for their breathing to even out.

Lying against Bradley's chest Moria shifted to touch the piercing. A smile crossed his face; he was Bradley's now completely. No one, not even Hogorth could take him away from his Earthling. With a content sigh he closed his eyes giving into the sleepiness.


"So how is the content married life?" Taylor asked watching as Joanie played with Moria's dog.

"It's," Moria paused smiling as he raised Blair above his head hearing his son laugh. Sitting his child back into his lap he met the man's eyes. "Wonderful, more then wonderful it's fulfilling."

"You look good, you smile more." Taylor said seeing Moria smile again.

"That's because he spends his nights screaming," Nate said from where he was laying across the blanket that they were sitting on. Moria laughed, having heard Nate's complaints over the past month more then once. Shaking his head he felt his cheeks warm slightly.

"When is Bradley gonna be home?" Nate asked staring up at the sky.

"Soon, he said it shouldn't take long." Moria replied bouncing the baby on his leg. It was something so new to him, that Blair would his and Bradley's to raise that he still clang to the baby. But he was getting better, and being held every night by Bradley was something that he was glad he had.

"You here that sound?" Nate asked sitting up. Looking around the yard, he looked back at Moria and Taylor.

Cocking his head Moria listened, after a second surprise then fear showed on his face. "Oh god, it's a spásárthach."

"Huh?" Both Nate and Taylor said.

"Um, spaceship." Moria hissed standing up. "One from my planet if I'm not mistaken."

Handing Blair to Taylor, he glanced around the yard calling out to the dog and Joanie. Turning to his friends he looked at them both. "Promise me, that should anything happen you protect Blair, and make sure he gets back to Bradley."

"Moria," Nate started picking up his daughter.

"Listen, they've come for me and Blair, and I'll die before I let them have my son." Moria said. "Please, just protect my son."

"Alright," Nate said moving them towards their yard.

Moria watched them, before turning and grabbing Pis chumhra he headed into the house. Looking around he wasn't sure if Bradley had any type of weapons. Going into the office, he glanced at Bradley's desk, walking over he began to open drawers hoping something would help. Opening the third drawer he was surprised to find his whip, smiling he picked it up.

Walking into the kitchen Moria grabbed the butcher knife that he liked. Returning to the back yard he could hear the low whine of the engines of the spacecraft getting closer. As he waited his training came back to him, and taking a deep breath he calmed himself.

He watched as the ship landed, and six Garentier soldiers emerged. Moria watched as, the men surrounded them, he watched each of them gauged what they could do. The first thing he noticed was that they were nervous, and second they were fidgeting.

Moria tapped the whip against his thigh knowing that most of them already knew what that meant. The first solider moved and Moria shifted catching the man in his knee with his foot. His next attacker met the same fate, only this time it was the man's throat.

"Come now prince, make this easy." One of the men said as they started to circle Moria.

"Make it easy?" Moria asked grinning. "For who? Since I seem to be winning."

They shook their heads, each of them watching Moria waiting for the boy to be distracted. As they continued to circle Hoginus' boy they each had very bad feelings about it.

Taylor looked up over the fence, his eyes widening at the sight before him. Six men, well four surrounded Moria now that two of them lay on the ground. Yet the boy didn't look all that worried. He glanced over at Nate who had just turned his cell phone off.

"Bradley's on his way, he's about fifteen minutes away," Nate replied glancing over the fence too. Their eyes widening as Blair cooed bringing one of the Garentier soldiers attentions to them. Their eyes widening as the man started towards them. Nate glanced around for some sort of weapon, looking back to watch as Moria's whip wrapped around the man's neck to pull him back.

"Fág mo mac aonarach!" Moria hissed, now he was angry. Turning back to the remaining three he pulled his lip back. Turning he launched himself at one of the solider, knocking the man back. Pulling the knife out he sunk it into the man's shoulder. The man cried out, falling to his knees to pull the knife out.

"Prince Moria," One of the men said softly. Moria stopped turning to the man, his eyes narrowing at him.

"Cruach," Moria said glaring at the man.

"Please, come along nicely prince." Cruach replied moving a step towards the boy. "Torii would want you to come home, he would want to know you're safe."

"Don't you say his name," Moria hissed.

"Come with me, and no harm will come to you or your child." Cruach said taking another step towards Moria. He watched Moria's whip, knowing the boy could end his life with a small move.

Moria stared at the man, wanting to believe but couldn't. Hogorth sent this man for him and his son, and Moria wouldn't trust that. Yet his mind screamed ally, friend, someone to trust. Taking a deep breath he tried to look away from Cruach but couldn't.

His eyes widened as Cruach was tackled out of his vision. Turning he followed the two men, seeing Bradley didn't look happy at all. A smile found him, he watched as Bradley worked to overcome Cruach and pin the Garnet guard to the ground.

"Touching, your Earthling is quite the protector," Moria turned at the voice, his face paling. Taking a step back he shook his head. "Are you not happy to see me, my prince?"

"No," Moria whispered as Hogorth advanced on him. He wasn't happy to see the man, and fear, cold and bitter shot through him.

"But," Hogorth moved knocking the whip from Moria's hand while he knocked the boy down. Dropping down over Moria, Hogorth smiled. "I've wanted to have you like this for so long."

"Get away from me, you have no claim to me!" Moria hissed watching the man.

"I have every claim to you," Hogorth hissed striking Moria. "You forget where your place is."

"I know my place, it's with my son and bondmate!" Moria said licking the blood from the corner of his mouth. "I belong to Bradley, and nothing you or my father can do will change that."

"No," Hogorth shifted, moving to pull open the boy's shirt. His eyes narrowed at the ring, before looking back up to met Moria's eyes. "You are mine, you where suppose to be mine, I'll make you wish for death!"

Hogorth jerked forward when someone jumped on his back, shifting he leaned up. Trying to reach behind him to throw off whoever was on his back.

"You are mine!" The boy on his back hissed. "You're suppose to be mine, I am your bondmate!"

"Lása!" Hogorth hissed.

"No!" Lása screamed. "I am tired of coming second to Moria, he is off limits to you! I've put up with the pain and hearing his name! No more!"

"Lása!" Hogorth hissed again, but his bondmate pulled his head back. He arched up trying to throw his bondmate off him, but his eyes widened when he felt the knife that sank into his neck.

"You will harm no one again," Lása said as Hogorth managed to throw the boy off. But the man sank to the ground dead before Lása hit the ground. Moria's eyes widened, seconds before he scrambled up and over to the fallen boy. Dropping to his knees he reached for Lása's pulse.

"Lása?" Moria asked quietly looking over the bruised and battered boy. Finding that Lása still lived but the boy was fading fast Moria turned to see Bradley was moving towards them with Cruach close behind. "Bradley he needs help, please you must do something."

"The military and an ambulance has been called." Bradley said watching as Cruach knelt down on the other side of the boy.

"Cruach, go into the house and get me a blanket," Moria commanded and to Bradley's surprise the man did as he was told. "You, is there any more on the ship?"

"No my prince," The solider replied. Moria nodded, looking back at Bradley.

"Where is Blair?" Bradley asked.

"With Taylor, where he is safe." Moria replied watching as Bradley nodded.

"Who is this?" Bradley asked nodding towards the boy on the ground. Once Cruach came back, Moria wrapped the blanket around the boy.

"This is Lása, Hogorth's mate." Moria replied softly. "Cruach, you are to be his guard, until he's well enough to go home."

"Yes your highness," Cruach said nodding his head.

It was then the military and medical people arrived, Moria backed up watching as the paramedics worked on stabilizing Lása enough to get the boy to the hospital. He turned when Bradley stepped up beside him, hugging the man and Blair. "Thank you."

"For?" Bradley asked watching as Moria smiled at his son kissing one soft baby cheek.

"Everything, being there," Moria leaned up kissing Bradley.

"You're welcomed," Bradley grinned kissing the boy back. He turned to General West when the man stopped next to him.

"Bradley," West said. "They are taking the living ones to the base prison, the dead ones will be frozen to be transported back. The boy that is hurt is being taking the hospital."

"Cruach needs to go with Lása," Moria said.

"But," Both Bradley and West said.

"Cruach is Torii's brother, he is a trusted ally." Moria said seeing that they were loading the boy into the ambulance. "We need to go also, Bradley. Someone needs to explain about him."

"Alright," Bradley said watching as Moria pulled away. He walked towards the man who was in the process of covering up Hogorth's body. Stopping the man, Moria reached down to pull up the man's shirt. Moria spoke in Garnet, before reaching down to pull the bond ring off the man.

"What did he say?" West asked cringing slightly.

"Something about adultery and what Hogorth did to his mate," Bradley said as Moria walked back towards them. They gathered up some of Blair's things before turning to head towards the car.


On the way to the hospital Moria explain things to Bradley. Then to his surprise Bradley had him call Bradley's parents to meet them at the hospital. Arriving, Moria tried to explain to the nurse, but the woman just blew him off. They found Cruach in the waiting room the man half nuts.

"They won't let me see him, they won't listen to me." Cruach said looking between them.

"I'll see what I can do," Moria replied walking back towards the nurse. "I really need to explain to you about that boy they brought in."

"The doctor will be out soon," the nurse replied. Moria growled in frustration, but stopped when he saw a doctor. Turning to the man, he followed the doctor over to where Cruach was.

"You came in with the boy?" The doctor asked Cruach nodded. "There are some abnormality in his blood work and well some strange things…"

"Excuse me?" Moria said, seeing the doctor look at him. "I am prince Moria, of Garnet. That boy is from my planet."

"I see," The doctor said.

"There is nothing wrong with is blood or body, he has a womb, and should show female hormones in his blood." Moria replied. The doctor raised an eyebrow, glancing at the other two men.

"Moria?" Dr. Whalen said coming down the hallway. "They said there was another life bearer here, one that's been hurt?"

"Yes, you have to help him." Moria said. The doctor nodded, she turned to the other doctor.

"I'll take this, he's more up my alley then yours." Dr. Whalen said. "Bradley I'm gonna need to barrow Moria for a few minutes."

Bradley nodded, walking over to sit down. He watched as Moria followed the doctor down the hallway before turning to the other man. He could see it now that Cruach looked like Torii. Sitting down he rested a half-asleep Blair against his shoulder.

"You have a very beautiful son," Cruach said softly sitting down a few chairs from Bradley.

"Thanks," Bradley replied. It was a few minutes later when Stacy and Frank enter the hospital. Walking over he explained what happened, seeing both of them were relieved that Moria and Blair were okay. They decided to have Blair go home with Bradley's parents, figuring that he and Moria would join them after things settled down.

"Keep us informed," Frank said walking towards the exit. Stacy nodded, cuddling Blair to her chest. Bradley watched them go before turning back to the waiting room.

"Don't worry, Lása is in the best hands." Bradley said dropping back down next to the man. Cruach nodded, before leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.


Moria watched as Dr. Whalen went over the charts, answering the questions as the doctor asked them. He watched Lása's face, wondering if he was this pale when he had Blair.

"He's going to need surgery," Dr. Whalen said seeing Moria nod. "While they prep him, I'll walk you back to Bradley."

"Thank you doctor, for everything you're doing." Moria said as they walked down the hallway.

"We'll get him patched up and healed, you'll see." Whalen said as they entered the waiting room.

"Cruach here is to be his guard until otherwise told by me or my life giver Hoginus." Moria said seeing the doctor nod.

"Cruach, I'll show you to a room to rest in while Lása has his surgery." Dr. Whalen said leading the man away. Cruach stopped in front of Moria.

"Thank you my prince, for everything." The man bowed slightly. Moria nodded, watching them leave before turning back to Bradley.

"Where is Blair?" Moria asked.

"I sent him with my parents," Bradley replied reaching out to pull the boy into a hug. He could feel that Moria was stiff and shaking. "We'll spend the night there, and then go home in the morning."

Moria nodded, closing his eyes as he returned the hug. Home was a beautiful word, know that he knew what it meant. While some day he would like to return to Garent, he was happy here with Bradley and Blair. His life was here this was his home. They left the hospital with their arms wrapped around each other, both glad that it was finally over.

The End


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As for those that think Bradley forgave a little two fast, maybe he did. But as he thought, he had a hard time reconciling sadistic Moria, with pregnant Moria. And even before leaving the planet, he had feelings for Moria, having seen the boy several times where Moria was open.

The revenge that Bradley did in this chapter, well Moria comes from a strict military planet. Pain to him was nothing new, so realizing that, Bradley did what Moria did to him, only his was. He showed Moria pleasure in doses the boy had never felt before.

Please tune in for the next story, 'Tainted Angel' where we'll watch as Lása works to heal, and Cruach deals with everything he's felt for years.