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It's been five years since the events that changed the lives of both Lia and her younger brother, Jack.

Lia hates those who destroyed her life and is led by only one thought…revenge.

Jack has grown up with the enemy and is led by one thought…equality.

She is a hunter and assassin amongst a group of rebels. He is a fighter and leader amongst the anti rebels.

After years she is finally given the opportunity for the mission she has always wanted, assassinate all anti rebel leaders. Take revenge. But what happens when one of those leaders is Jack…and she doesn't know it's him?


'She is the hunter and he…the hunted.'


"Go on," he whispered into her ear.

She tilted her head to the side and gently slid the revolver from her belt, his arm still wrapped around her waist.


"What do you think?" she replied, smiling, as she brought the gun forward and aimed.




A gunshot pierced the air, then the sound of screeching tyres.