Time and Time Again

I tried to kill time

But it just wouldn't die

And I was left there standing

With its blood on my fingers

Because I heard it was talking shit


That's a deep subject

But I can't get the image out of my mind

Of how I cannot live beyond my means

Because if I did I would be tossed down

As far as the eye could see

But time was always my first enemy

Racing against it on the playground

Trying to be seven forever

And dying while still young at seventeen

Oh how I wish that I could turn the hourglass upside down

And start over again

But then if I did I would be in the same place

That I started and finished and won

I would not be myself then

And then

And then

What would be the point of existing through the pain?

Just to go through it all over again

I tried to kill time

It stabbed me time and time again

My blood satisfied its lust

I guess I shouldn't have talked shit

Because vengeful time killed me