Why Are You?

People always ask me

Why are you so weird?

Why are you so different?

Why do you want to stand out?

Well now I have the answers

Weird? I just act as I

I suppose that means

I'm just naturally weird

Yes, I think I am

Different? Everyone's special

No one's the same

The only thing different about me?

I flaunt my differences

Want to stand out? You know I do

I am me, not anyone else

I just can't fit in

I was born to stand out

I am pure me

That's truly all I am

All I'll ever be

So I hope you're happy with that

I know I am

People also ask me

Why are you so loud?

Why are you so hyper?

Why do you write so much?

Loud? I am so.

I like to be heard

For people to know who I am

Individualistic I am

Hyper? People excite me

Make me happy and energetic

I have to get rid of the excess energy

So I jump about

Write? I just like to

Like to express myself

Burn off emotions

From heart to paper

Why am I?

Why are you?

So many questions

And I can answer them all

So go ahead

Fire away