Ha ha

I am at the table that I got to

From laser tag

And I need to upgrade

My 3D glasses

But it doesn't matter now

Because the humble family

In the back of the attraction

Is offering me

Cooked flesh

Of some poor sap

Curled in fetal position

Roasting in oven

And I can't help that I eat it

But I escape from my seat

And dance over the walls

With the family behind me

And a Fun house

Like the one from Texas Chainsaw massacre

But with rubber skeletons

And tourists

That I just can't scare

But then I am in front

Of the clown house

Waiting in line

With the ticket taker

a dead end guy

And two clowns that cry

And I get into the house

And they are everywhere

And I laugh like a little Fker

As the clowns rend my flesh

And I float through

On a coaster

With no lap bars

But a terrible sinking feeling in my chest

Then I land

In a Victorian home

With a fork in the road

And terrible beasts that go off

Every half hour or so

And I take the wrong side

And crawl through the dark

Dragging my hands on the walls

Looking for the door

While ghosts tickle the

Pads on my fingers

And make them bleed

Until I find the door

And burst free

Only to a radioactive wasteland

Made of broken memories

With a old lady at top

Wearing a business suit

She says it's better to swim

In the filth

Then the nearby spring

And I laugh and look

At all my old stuff

That was lost in the quick sand of life

Now in radiation

And want it

But the green waste burns at my arm

Then I run out

To the parking lot

Away from the attraction

Away from the radiation

And run in the grass

Till I trip

And break my leg

And my bone sticks out

But I get up and run again

Because I am so close to the exit

And then I have to climb the gate

Because it's closed after 8

And I struggle up

But am to slow

And the cannibal clowns

Pull me down

Into there waiting grasp

And hack me into pieces

And eat my flesh in sandwiches

As my ghost with the broken leg

Still tries to scramble up the gate

But I am lost in the attraction