I stand nude in front of the mirror

Just gazing at the reflection that I see

Looking at the scars I inflicted upon myself

Each one I slowly trace with my finger

I look back in the mirror to look at the sad person standing there

I touch my face and the mirror at the same time

Can this really be reality

Does it have to hurt so much

How come I cant be normal like everyone else

I hit the mirror and shatter the glass

Sinking to the floor with tears in my eyes I pick up one of the shards on the floor

I can see my reflection looking back at me

As the tears slide down my face I move the glass to my throat

I close my eyes and slowly press down the shard of glass down my throat

When I open my eyes I can see the blood running down my arm and down the glass

It drips and splatters on the floor covering the broken glass shards and tile with the bright red liquid

Yes! This is reality and it does hurt

I curl up on the floor and drift to sleep

With every breath I take I slowly fade away