sigh again

heavier this time


words refuse

to come to mind

what do you want from me?

don't you realize,

I'm only human

my heart feel no boundaries or rules or guidance

no matter what my mind says


I cannot control my emotions

like you can

you say you like my passion and eager mind

you say you like my thoughts

my words

my rhymes

but then you gotta realize that who I am

is that very emotion that

you condemn

because they make me who I am

I'm sorry

I cannot love you

as you wish I would,

if it were up to me

I love you all

cause then

there is no guilt

to feel

did you know that you are slowly turning

all my affections for you


and your words,

they almost hurt

but in the end

they don't

because you know

I'm who I am

and only human

and yet you think that I'm something more

and still try to change it

I'm tired, my friend

of this game you play

you say, let things be

feel what I feel

but truly

you mean to say

is feel what you want me to

and things will be okay

I apologize

to say this all

as it must conjure pain

but I'm afraid I don't care anymore

and my view of you

has changed