Verse 1:


Kirai sprinted through the streets, his hazel eyes full of anger and fear, his brown hair whipping about in the wind, the silvery cross around his neck banging insistently against his chest. He had to get home, had to warn his sister...before they came, taking everything in their path, like they had done with everyone else in small town of Derich, reducing them to puppets...

Street lamps were suddenly extinguished as Kirai passed them, winking out as suddenly as a candle flame in a storm. Kirai could feel the growing darkness as he neared his home; he could sense the malice that gathered there, smell the scent of death...

Please give me strength, Lord... Kirai silently prayed as he slammed open the door of the shack that he and his sister shared. A single candle flickered hesitantly, illuminating the room with its sparse light.

"Rebecca?" Kirai called, reaching for the sword at his belt. Seeing two other candles nearby, he grabbed the first one and used it to light them. The room brightened considerably, although Kirai suddenly wish it wouldn't...For, slumped against the wall, was his sister, who was quite clearly dead.

"No..." moaned Kirai with a dry sob, hot tears streaming down his face as he fell to his knees. He was too late...Too late to save her.

"She didn't put up much of a fight," said a cold, almost demonic voice. Kirai turned about and saw a man step out of the shadows, his crimson eyes blazing with an unnatural fire. He grasped a saber in his hand, its tip soaked in a red liquid suspiciouly similar to blood, a black stone glittering on its hilt.

"Narashi," hissed Kirai, his grip tightening on his own sword. "The nerve of you, a necromancer, coming into my home and killing my sister."

"Had to cause you misery somehow," replied Narashi with a smirk. "After three generations of your family hunting my family, I saw it as just. Don't you agree?"

"You'll pay for this..." growled Kirai.

Narashi laughed. "How? Every member in your family takes a vow not to kill at the beginning of their training; are you planning to violate that vow just to kill me?"

"Despite all that you know about my family, Narashi," said Kirai, "you have forgotten one important detail..."

"Oh?" asked Narashi with a frown. A trace of worry flickered across his face, gone as quickly as the shadow of a ghost.

"...That vow doesn't cover necromancers," replied Kirai, his sword flashing towards Narashi's face like lightning, cutting a bright red mark in the spellcaster's cheek. Before Kirai could strike again, Narashi sprinted out the door, Kirai in hot pursuit. Clouds began to gather; blocking out the moon, causing the street lamps to flicker hesitantly back on, as if some invisible hand was holding a match up to them.

Kirai grasped a small throwing dagger, flinging it at the necromancer that had so plagued his family. A grunt could be heard, and Narashi slowed slightly, yet continued running. He soon disappeared into the shadows, leaving a single demon-slayer to stand in the street, his silver cross gleaming in the lamplight, vows of vengance forming in his mind...

Author's Note: This was slightly partly inspired by the book Sabriel by Garth Nix and also by the movie Van Helsing. And yes, I will be adding more chapters, unlike everything else I've written so far. As for whether or not this will actually turn out to be a manga, I don't really know as of yet...Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Shalom!