"You get to tutor the hottest guy in the school… why do you look so bummed?!" Shannon, my best friend, yelled furiously at me. I gave her a bored look and ignored the people giving us curious looks as they walked past. I was use to Shannon's loud mouth, I mean that in the best way possible… if it wasn't for her mouth we never would have become friends. And if we had never become friends I'm afraid I would still be shy, quiet little ol' Mackenzie, Mac for short.

"Maybe because he's a self absorbed ego-maniac bastard?" I asked in a fake cheerful voice. Shannon rolled her eyes but laughed at my comment or maybe she was laughing at the way I said it? Oh whatever, if I try to get into Shannon's mind I'll most likely end up with a headache and be very confused.

"Wow, I'm glad I'm thought of so highly to you babe." Or maybe she's laughing because the 'self absorbed ego-maniac bastard' himself was standing right behind me. Perfect, just perfect. Shannon bit down on her lip, probably to keep from laughing, as she dug around in our shared locker.

"Welcome…" I muttered, reaching over my slightly shorter friend to grab my books and put back a folder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him lean against the locker to my left, grinning like the idiot he was. Let me explain.

My name is Mackenzie Snow, I'm 16 and in my Junior year of high school. I'm an ok student I guess, get average grades (A's, B's and a couple C's). Yet my best grades would be a 114 in my Creative Writing class and a 99 in my World Studies class. Well the teachers just so happen to be good friends and since I was doing so well in the classes without much effort (trust me, I have to work to keep my other B's and C's) they decided that it would be nice if I tutored someone that needed a lot of help. This is where Heath Aeroline comes in. The failing Junior with looks that could kill but a personality that was lacking in, everything. Every girl is either in love with him or has been at some point and every guy wants to be him or hates him because of those three reasons. I, on the other hand, am the only sane person in this school and can see the jerk for who he is.

A jerk of course.

"So?" I got snapped back into reality and turned to stare up into light lime green eyes. The same eyes that made many girls knees buckle and heart pound. Does those eyes work on me though? That would be a big hell no.

"So what?" I asked, beginning to walk to my last class of the day, team sports. Alright, I wasn't really what you would call a 'team player'. Actually I either, really couldn't care less about the sport OR I became so competitive that it was a tad scary but it was too late to get out of the class.

"You seriously didn't hear a word I said?" Heath asked as if it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"No I seriously was not listening." I said, then stopped and turned to face him quickly. "And I seriously could careless. Now this is where I stop." I pointed to the girls locker room then turned back to him. "Go off, shoo." I said like I was talking to a little kid or a stupid puppy. I walked into the locker room and off to the last row where my locker was. Alright, you may think I'm being a bit… bitchy but Heath deserved it. He was never exactly nice to me in the past.

I heard a couple squeals and rolled my eyes. What was up with girls who squealed in locker rooms? It was pointless really. Oh no a bug! I rolled my eyes as I opened my locker and started to take out my gym clothes. I started to lift my shirt up when there was a loud cough. I spun around, wide eyes as I stared into lime green ones. I pulled my shirt down, my eyes narrowing as I felt my cheeks heat up.

"What the hell do you think your doing?!" I hissed out. I swear to god if he didn't stop looking at me like I was a piece of meat I was going to smack him. As if reading my mind his eyes snapped up to mine and he gave me a sly smirk.

"Well you didn't listen out there so I decided to come in here… but please do continue, wouldn't want to ruin your daily ru-" SLAP. First of all, I did NOT slap him. And second of all, I wish I had been. I watched as a bright red hand print started to appear on his darkly tanned cheek. I looked over my shoulder where a huffing red head stood.

"What do you think your doing?! Are you trying to make me jealous?! Coming in here, telling other disgusting girls to undress!" The red head said, fuming. I glared at her, wishing I had the nuts to slap her. Ok, so maybe I was as pretty as her but I wasn't disgusting.

"Ava… this doesn't concern you." Heath said, moving his jaw a bit and rubbing his most likely stinging cheek. I wanted to laugh and throw them out at the same time. I was going to be late thanks to this little drama… yet it was all seemingly worth it too see the look on the jerks face when she slapped him.

"What do you mean doesn't-" Heath promptly cut Ava off as he turned his attention from her to me. I raised an eye brow as Ava let out a squeak of indignity.

"Be out back when the bell rings, I'll pick you up then and we'll do it at my house." Heath said, seemingly brought out of his usually disgustingly perverted ways. "What we'll do is entirely up in the air though…" He added with a wink. Or maybe not. With that said he left with the same aura of confidence as he walked in. I sighed and turned back to my locker.

"Don't think your all high and-"

"Listen Ava, I really could care less what you have too say. If your angry at me, deal with it because I've got to get ready in a minute and try not to be late." I don't know why I didn't just tell her that I was tutoring him, maybe because I'm a sadistic bitch and I liked the look on her face as my words sunk in. Well at least I can admit am a sadistic bitch, unlike the airhead standing next to me that refuses to believe that she's Heath's last weeks garbage.

I rubbed my stomach where Ava's stupid friend accidentally hit me with the baseball bat. Even if I was being the catcher, I was standing a good 8 feet behind her so I know it wasn't an accident. Stupid pricks, think they are clever. Well they didn't seem to laugh so hard when I accidentally pitched the balls a little too hard and hit them all.

The loud honk of a car jolted me out of my thoughts as I looked up. I looked at the beat up, old rusted blue mustang. I looked into the car, raising an eye brow as Heath motioned for me to get in. I walked over and pulled hard on the door, knowing it wouldn't open easy. My mom was a mustang freak yet I didn't know anyone who owned an old one like this at school and actually drove it. Well besides Shannon but her death trap, as I liked to call it, was in the shop because it had broken down… again.

"Be gentle…" Heath said with a slight frown then he grinned widely as I got in. He patted the big black sterling wheel, looking like a five-year-old in a candy store. "She's my baby." He said. I managed to control my eye roll as I buckled myself into the metal death trap.

"'65?" I asked after a couple awkward moments in silence. I figured if Heath was occupied with telling me about his baby that he wouldn't have time to be conceited or perverted. Good plan if I do say so myself. Took me four years to figure out but I got the hand of it after a while.

"Shouldn't have been surprised that you'd know what year it was…" Heath mumbled, keeping his eyes on the road but that grin never disappeared off his face. Alright Mac, don't question that comment… keep your mouth shut… no, don't open it! NO!

"And exactly what is that suppose to mean?" I asked, my eyes narrowing as I looked at him. Uck, I just couldn't keep my mouth closed, could I? Now I just gave him a huge opening and he's going to insult me…

"Well because you're a well known tomboy… but after what I saw today in the locker-" I cut him off by groaning loudly and burying my head into my lap, which my book bag was resting on. I put my hands over my ears and held them tightly there. I knew he had only seen to my mid back, not even my bra but it was still embarrassing and I knew he wouldn't let me live it down… ever.

The rest of the ride to his house was pretty quite, mostly because even when I brought my head up I had my hands places over my ears. Heath had shaken his head and laughed at me a couple times but I didn't care. I really didn't want to know what he thought he saw.

I followed him into a nice sized house, well it was huge compared to the two bedroom apartment I share with my mom. I felt out of place in my torn jeans and over sized hoodie. There was art everywhere and I wondered how Heath held so many parties yet never got caught. Didn't anyone break any of this stuff? There had to be at least one mishap. Maybe his parents don't even care?

"Where are you parents?" Heath snorted to that question. I frowned, following him into the kitchen and taking a seat at the island counter.

"Separated. Moms somewhere in Hawaii with her 20-year-old assistant and dads at the office." Right. How could I possible forget Heath's parents weren't together? Ok, here's an idea. Maybe its because I didn't know, so why do I have this feeling that I should of known? I need to stop thinking into things so much. "Here…" He mumbled, handing me an ice pack.

"What is-"

"Your stomach… I heard what Ava and her minions did." Heath explained before I could ask how he knew. I nodded and put the pack under my hoodie, wondering why he was being so nice. "I could hold it there for you." He said with a grin. I rolled my eyes and pushed him lightly away from me because he had gotten dangerously close.

"So what do you want to start with?" I asked, tapping my fingers lightly on the counter. He grinned widely at me as he moved closer once again. "Gross, I mean in school! Get your mind out of the gutter." I said, shaking my head and pulling out my world studies book. "What don't you get?" I asked, looking up at him as he frowned down at me.

"Hey, why don't we forget about the work?" He asked, closing my book with my hand still in it. I frowned as he got dangerously close. His lime green eyes seemingly trying to search for something in my dark green ones.

"I am a tutor. I'm suppose to, you know, tutor you." I said, pulling back a bit. Heath sighed, standing up and peering down at me then glancing at the book. He mumbled something incoherent, turning around and walking off. "W-wait!" I yelled, grabbing my books and running after him. I followed him up the stairs and into a large room.

I stood nervously in the door way as I looked at what I suspected to be Heath's room. The walls were a midnight blue. The ceiling was black along with the thick soft carpet. There was a big king sized bed in the middle of the room with dark blue sheets, comforter with black and blue pillows. There was a big plasma TV on the wall across from the bed. Clothes were thrown around the room and I watched as Heath walked across the room and to another door.

I followed silently behind, walking into another room, bigger then the bedroom. There was another TV but in front of the TV was black leather couches and two arm chairs that looked comfy. All the walls were covered with book cases filled to the brim with books. A lone desk was in the corner, made out of a dark wood.

"We can… work… here." My attention was snapped back to Heath as he flopped down on the couch. I sat down on one of the arm chairs and put my stuff on the dark wood coffee table. Heath looked at my book bag and books then up at me, as if he was trying to figure something out. I cleared my throat loudly and ran a nervous hand through my hair.

"Ok, since world studies doesn't seem to tickle your fancies…." I trailed off, regretting I said that. I chanced a look at Heath who's eyes were a little wide and his every present smirk in place. Yet he didn't say anything. Heath didn't have to say anything, it was all apparent on his face.

This was not going to go as well as expected.

… … … … … … … …

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