"Heath, I just don't-" I started off but he cut me short by taking a quick step backwards and giving me the pleasure of one of his 'I'm a man so I'm not going to act like I'm hurt' looks. I had to resist the huge urge to roll my eyes and I came about a quarter of a millimeter close to rolling them which I knew from personal experience that would just manage to piss him off even more.

"Yeah it's okay, I get it. No biggie." From the second I met Heath I had been holding back the almost uncontrollable feeling to spin around, stomping my feet and throwing my hands in the air like some maniac teenager resorting back to toddler antics to get their way. Which brought me to the way off topic thought that maybe little kids aren't throwing tantrums, maybe they're just extremely angry that stupid grown-ups are more difficult than politics!

"Will you just listen for a second without cutting me off?!" I yelled, actually stomping my foot at the last word. He looked down at my foot before slowing making eye contact, raising a brow in question. "Seriously now, maybe if-" I cut myself off, taking a deep breath and reminding myself that it was no time for insults which would just make us go way off topic and I don't want this to be on my 'things I regret' list which seemed to be growing everyday.

"Alright." He said hesitantly and I nodded.

"Thank you." I looked into his eyes than a spot just left to his head.

"I'm listening but I don't hear anything." Heath said slowly and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"You got me so frustrated I forgot what I was going to say and I'm pretty damn sure it was something extremely elegant and fricken' intelligent!" I yelled in pure aggravation, making my leg stiff so I wouldn't end up stomping it again. I looked at him and finally noticed he was smirking. The bastard, was smirking! "Screw it, I don't even know why I was going to say that I wanted to give this relationship a go even though it'll most likely end up in a disaster that'll give me another two years on the couch." I began walking past him, completely agitated and fed-up with the situation I had gotten myself stuck in but I guess Heath had different ideas. "What?!" I yelled in question as he grabbed my arm before I could get past him.

"You want to, oh how did you put it? It was so damn elegant and fricken' intelligent." I glared up at him, now being on the same stair as him. "Sorry, not a time for jokes got it." He gave me that grin that made girls knee's weak and got him out of so much trouble but I wasn't going to give in. Well, I would have if I hadn't of looked away. "Look at me." He said softly and I shook my head. "Why?"

"If I do, you'll use your powers of seduction that I'm pretty positive you got from Satan who stole them from Casanova in turn for your soul." I said and wondered briefly if the little hours of sleep had finally gotten to me.

"Are you comparing me to Casanova?" I looked up into his grinning face in full blown glare. "I'll let that go, for now." He warned and I nodded, knowing that comment would come back to bite me in the butt soon enough. "I'm going to let you go now and close my eyes. If you kiss me than I know you want to 'give it a go' but if you walk away I'll leave you alone." As said he closed his eyes and I watched his face, his smirk slowly disappearing as time went on. I raised an eye brow as I watched him frown and tried not to get too much joy of watching his ego plummet into the ground as I stood there.

"Ahem!" He peered one eye open, his good one, and looked down at me. "How am I suppose to kiss you if you're all the way up there?" I asked, a grin of my own appearing on my face as his other eye opened in shock at the comment. He shook his head, a small cough admitting from him as he leaned over but didn't connect our mouths. I stood up a little on my tippy toes, meeting him half way as my lips once again met his soft, chapped ones. I moved a hand up into his hair, feeling the soft locks go through my fingers and pulled him closer since my feet were cramping.

"Fin-fucking-ly!" We broke apart to look up at Corbin who had one fist thrust up in air and was grinning widely at us.

"My thoughts exactly. God, you two were like Days of Our Lives!" I looked down at Shannon who was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Oh crap, I forgot she was out waiting in the car! "Hey Heath, good to see you're still alive." Heath nodded, a confused look spread on his face as I laughed and shook my head.

Days of Our Lives is right. Hopefully none of our twins will show up or no one will try and kill anyone else because my life is full of too much drama now.

"So I'm thinking a Spring wedding, lots of blues and white!" Shannon said with a grin, sitting down on her boyfriend, of two years, lap who choked on his beer. Shannon patted him on the back, laughing. "What's it with guys and weddings? Even jokingly, its like they go running for the hills." Shannon frowned as her boyfriend looked at her, holding a beer in one hand while his other rested on her thigh.

"But he can't run because you're sitting on his lap but I on the other hand, am all dressed and packed to run for the hills." I turned to my right and looked into lime green eyes. I stood up and tackled him in a hug.

"Dude, no way are you getting out of that hug." I heard Shannon's boyfriend comment from behind and a slight 'thud' which meant Shannon had given him a 'love tap. I looked up and rubbed my chin thoughtfully.

"He's right you know but I want a wedding in New Zealand, which means winter but I do agree with Shannon on the colors. Blue-" He leaned down and our lips met, curtly cutting me off. My arms wrapped around his neck and curled in his hair as his wrapped around my back, pulling me closer as our kiss deepened. He pulled back and grinned down at me, that same dopey but still sexy grin that had gotten me back in highschool. "-and white are great colors but I also love fall colors! Red, orange, yellows. Oh, for flowers they can be-" He bent down and kissed me in a way that still made my knees buckle. "Is this one of those, if I kiss her will she shut up things?" I asked in fake aggravation.

"Is it working?" He asked skeptically, rubbing one of his hands up and down my sides.

"Obviously you're losing your touch because I'm now just more head strong to keep talking! That bit you in the ass, didn't it?" I grinned up at him, running a hand down his slightly scruffy five o'clock shadow and dark tan. After 5 years Heath has changed in many ways. He grew an inch or two, but so did I so he was still about the same height difference from me, and he had gotten into this phase where he got so busy and side-tracked that he forgot to shave, hence the five o'clock shadow that actually made him look rugged even though it scratched a bit when we kissed. His eyes were still that amazing lime green color but held more maturity than before, even though he still acted like a spoiled child most of the time.

"Are my Casanova good looks and charm getting to you because you're staring like a little girl with a-" I leaned up and kissed him, trying the whole 'if I kiss him will he shut up?' thing and lucky for me, it did.

"Will you two get a room!" In response Heath pulled me closer and kissed me deeper. A whole summer without seeing each other because he had a summer intern in England meant a lot of making up to do.

"This has got to be some record or something." Another said and I felt my whole face heating up, knowing that others besides our friends were watching. My face heated up and I guess Heath could feel my embarrassment because I felt him smirk against my mouth.

"I missed you." He mumbled against my lips and I smiled.

"Missed you too." I muttered back before we met in another kiss.

The End

God how much do I hate sappy endings? ::glowers:: Sorry I haven't been updating much, a lot of stuff is going on right now but I hope you enjoyed. And yes, I didn't use a name on purpose! Now no more bugging me about this story, its done with! ::goes to corner muttering darkly::

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