The wind played among the rocky Dyran sand. It danced gracefully, sending grains flying in all directions, like a barren ocean and its waves. It skittered across the rocks, its passage leaving a lonely ghostly sound as it skipped through the canyons that riddled the land. It spiraled around a large cliff and then dived into its game with the sand once more.

Above him the desert sky was a crystalline blue, holding within its azure fingers the traveler's bane. The sun had once again risen into the sky and was beginning its daily ritual of beating the land. The glowing orb burned like a far off remnant of hell, as if to remind the dreamer of what could be his fate if he failed.

The dreamer saw and knew all of this, but it did not concern him at this moment. He had obtained the best view available to him. A strange fluke of nature had left a single column of rock towering defiantly in this otherwise featureless land, which let him stare out at the wild beauty with a bird's eye view. The dreamer was proud of this rugged wilderness, could sense the strength it had hidden within it.

He was sitting cross-legged staring at the endless desert. Where was he? This was no recognizable land, but it felt familiar none the less, like someplace he had spotted but never concentrated on. As his mind wandered across the question of his location, it found another, more important one.

Where was he supposed to be? Despite the familiarity of the land he knew this was not where he was needed. Something waited for him, somewhere in the never-ending desert. He stared at the horizon, attempting to force the harsh desert to show him the way. The way, to… his destiny.

Down below, the wind tired of its game with the sand and raced up the column towards the dreamer. It blew threw his hair, pulled at his clothing, and finally flew on to the southern sky, to find better entertainment elsewhere.

The dreamer interpreted the sign, as a grin dawned upon his face. Something was waiting for him. Something beyond the southern horizon.