A/N: Let it be know that this poem was written out of pain. I have heard it said so often that we are hurt most by the ones we love. For love is extremely reasonable and hate needs a reason. This is also a contribution to Vivian Grace, author of The Daemon and 'Hide in starlight , Live in Shadows.'

The Lovers

The night was black and cold

The icy wings of death were floating in the starlight

Yet two young lovers stood in the shadows their fates not foretold

One would stay alive, but not well, the other would vanish out of sight

Out of sight and life he did indeed go

But never from her heart did he ever vanish or fall away

This young lover wrote a poem to remember the feeling she did not know

And as so many others before she put life a little on delay

Staring long and hard at the sky

She looked for her fallen angel; her fallen love

At long last she looked in the mirror and found him hidden in her eyes

How hard it is to understand love is never below or above

These words I place upon this grave

Are an interpretation of one soul's woeful, yet happy story

Even though the world is ending and we aren't the ones who save

These two lovers for perhaps a moment were enslaved and freed by love's glory

For who could think love could be good?

When it seems like it's never there for you and it's all gone

Humans can't avoid hate and pain even if they should

Because without pain and hate love won't live on

So hate, love, be in pain and live

Please do not die right now, I still need you yet

Our loved and hated ones will never come back even if all is what we'd give

Which actually means that they never left even though we think we'd rather forget