A Love That Defies Reason

By Lia Star

Chapter One: First Meeting

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Drake glared around him, loathing everyone on sight. "Fuckin' zombies! All of 'um!" He muttered to himself, shifting the bag slung over his shoulder. Snorting softly, he rolled his eyes, heading towards the office.

Drake Matthews. The name sounded normal enough. Drake, however, was far from normal. Standing at about 5'11, Drake had shoulder-length black hair, with light, blood-red roots. His eyes were pale yellow, almost like a felines, but were colored red, to match his hair, with contacts. He was pale skinned, which, because of his hair, stood out drastically. He was thin, his bone structure seeming extremely delicate. From the feet up, he wore black combat boots, black cargo pants that hung low on his hips but fell in big folds around his ankles, a tight black wife beater with a dark, blood-red silk button down shirt over it left undone, and a black leather trench coat. Over his ears, was a pair of headphones, resting against the back of his neck, blaring Metallica and the harsh tunes of gothic rock into his ears as the wire trailed down into the inside of his jacket. Over his shoulder was a side bag, blood red, that held his school books.

When he got to the office, he frowned, glancing around the now empty halls. Rolling his eyes, he pulled the headphones from his ears, causing the music to blare more noticeably. Seeing that the secretary still hadn't noticed his presence, he cleared his throat, annoyed when she glanced up, startled.

"Yes? May I help you?" she asked, her eyes wide as she took in his appearance.

Snorting, Drake replied, "No, I'm just here for my health. Yes! I'm new here. I need my schedule."

Frowning slightly, she asked, "What's your name?"

"Drake Matthews," Drake replied, rolling her eyes, mentally likening her intelligence to that of a dead cat: non-existant.

"Drake Matthews?" Turning to her computer, she typed in a couple of commands, smiling slightly when she pulled up his schedule. "Got it! I'll just print it, and then you can go on to your first class. I'll give you a note, too, explaining why you're late, alright, honey?"

Glaring at her, Drake growled, "DON'T call me honey!"

Wide eyed, she nodded, replying, "Whatever you want." Standing, she went to the printer and grabbed the sheet that it had spit out. Walking over to where Drake stood, she quickly wrote a short note, explaining his lateness before handing both sheets over to him. "There you go, Drake. Hurry to your first class now."

Growling again, Drake rolled his eyes, muttering, "Whatever," as he pulled the headphones back up over his ears.

Heading down the hall, he glanced at his schedule, reading through what he had. Mondays and Wednesdays, he had Music Appreciation, Writing, and Japanese in the morning, followed by Lunch, Applied Computer Systematics and History in the afternoon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he had Japanese, Applied Computer Systematics, and Advanced Math in the morning, followed by Lunch, Advanced Mammal Bioloigy, and Art Culture in the afternoon. Then, on Fridays he had Advanced Math, Advanced Mammal Biology, and History in the morning, followed by Lunch, Writing and Art Culture in the afternoon.

Realizing it was Friday, he cursed his mother for making him come to school today and not letting him wait until Monday. Muttering gore-filled death threats against the school system and his mother, he went to the locker he'd gotten the day before and put his books in it, taking the three he'd need for his first three classes before closing and locking the locker and heading towards his first class, Advanced Math.

Now, it wasn't that he didn't like math. In fact, he was good at it. He just didn't deal well with people. Most people he met took either one of three courses. One, they took it upon themselves to try and annoy or piss him off. Two, they tried making friends with him so they could change him. Or, three, they ignored his presence. Most times, he prederred the third course of action. He didn't feel comfortable around too many people, not that his mother really cared, since she'd flat out refused to let him be home schooled.

Shrugging, Drake stopped in front of a closed classroom door, glancing at the number on the door and seeing that it matched the one for his math class. Rolling his eyes, Drake folded the schedule up and put it in the pocket with his cd player, shutting the player off as he did so.

Taking a deep breath, Drake knocked firmly on the closed door, then waited for it to open.

He wasn't waiting very long before the door swung open, letting him glimpse his first instructor in this hell hole. "Yes?" the middle aged man asked, his eyes wide as he took in Drake's appearance.

"I'm the new student," Drake stated, his voice sounding about as warm as a polar ice cap.

Nodding, the man moved, motioning for Drake to enter. "Your name?"

Barely sparing him a glance, Drake replied, "Drake Matthews."

"Well, Mr. Matthews, I'll be your math teacher for the rest of the year. My name's Mr. Jenkins," he replied before turning to face the class. "Would you like to tell us something about yourself?"

"Not really," Drake stated, tossing the note he'd been given onto the man's desk. "Where do I sit?"

"Oh! Um....let's see. Why don't you have a seat next to Mr. Marcus? Mr Marcus? Raise your hand please!" Mr. Jenkins coaxed.

Glancing out at the class, Drake saw a hand in the air, noticing the person it belonged to was blushing a dark red for being singled out. Nodding once, Drak made his way past the whispering students to his seat.

Dropping into his seat, Drake pulled out his text and a binder, before glancing to his left to see 'Mr. Marcus' still staring at him. Raising a single, pierced brow, Drake met his eyes. "What?"

Blushing, the young man smiled shyly, saying, "Hi. I'm Trey."

Drake stared at him silently for a moment. Finally nodding his head, Drake smirked slightly, replying, "Drake."

"Nice to meet you, Drake," Trey whispered as the teacher began to explain their work for the day.

Nodding, Drake turned his attention towards the front of the room, every now and then glancing at Trey, wondering why he seemed different somehow. Throughout the entirety of the class, he tried to figure out what it was that seemed different about him, with no success. It wasn't until the end of the class, when everyone stood to leave, that he realized what was different.

Although he was a guy, Trey Marcus dressed like a girl. Slightly stunned, Drake stared at him his mind whirling from the discovery.

Trey's hair was almost as long as his own shoulder length hair, but instead of black and red, it was dyed dark blue, with pale gray highlights. He had dark blue eyes, surrounded by thick lashes that were outlined in navy eyeliner, with just a hint of pale gray shadow covering his lids. What drew his attention the most, was Trey's lush lips, made glossy by some kind of lip gloss, making it look like he'd just licked his lips. Around his neck was a thin strip of dark gray silk, with a silver crescent moon and star hanging from it. He had on a pale gray jacket that looked to be made from leather, while under it he wore a skin tight dark burgandy shirt with words written on it. Covering the bottom half of him was a long, ankle length black skirt with a slit up to mid-thigh on each side, showing off legs as smooth looking and hairless as any girls. On his feet, he wore a black pair of low heeled shoes.

"Drake?" Trey questioned, pulling Drake's eyes back to his face.

"Hmm?" Drake responded, once again letting his eyes travel the length of Trey's body.

"What class do you have next?" Trey questioned, blushing at Drake's intense gaze.

"Advanced Mammal Biology," Drake replied, finally glancing at Trey's face, grinning at the blush he saw there.

"Do you mind if I walk with you? My class is down that way too," Trey asked shyly, his tone hesitant.

Nodding his acceptance, Drake motioned for Trey to preceed him down the aisle, following him out of the classroom and into the busy hall.

They were silent as they made their way down the hall. They received several curious glances from the other students in the hall, but neither of them really noticed. It didn't take them long before they reached Trey's classroom. Stopping, Trey smiled shyly up at Drake, saying, "Thank you for letting me walk with you."

Shrugging, Drake kept his mouth shut, staring down at the boy next to him, his eyes wondering again, taking in his appearance.

Blushing slightly, Trey ducked his head, stating, "Um...I guess I'll see you later, then. Uh, bye."

Waving slightly, Trey ducked into his class, leaving Drake standing alone in the hallway.

Smirking slightly, Drake shook his head, muttering, "Weird kid. Cute though." Shaking his head again, he turned and headed back up the hall to his class as the final bell rang.

To Be Continued...

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