Eden's Gate

Every time I was with you

I felt like I was flirting with Eden

But according to you there is no heaven

That earth is the only thing that is out there

I thought for a while you kept me grounded

Instead you kept me from flying

You were my chains of an atmosphere

And I can't dream with the moon

And I can't stare at the sun

With you

Because love is nothing but fairy tales in your mind

If that is the case

Than you must be a toad

Because this princess is dreaming of her prince

But no amount of kisses can turn you around

Turn you away

Turn you down

From Eden's gate

And there I stand waiting

For a fellow dreamer to find me

We can fly to where ever our sad wishes take us

We can fly to where our hearts want to go

We can kiss our pain away in a symphony of love

And you can imagine how you would feel on my lips

Because that would be just a dream to you

If I wanted someone like Eden

I wouldn't turn to you