It all began with a man who's ambition in life was to make video games for a living. He loved video games so much that he wanted to make a video game that pulled players into the world. He and his team of programmers, artists, etc. began working on a Super Video Game. There was currently no name for it but the players' minds would be the controller for it. He became so warped with this ideal video game that he secretly decide to force all of mankind into this video game. However before he did this he had to have testers to make sure the game was ready for global release. He would look up and select four gamers that are into different video game genres. He needed an RPG gamer who has played and finished a huge amount of games. He would need to find the world's best fighter genre gamer. Another gamer he needed was a platformer gamer. Finally he needed someone who was into all types of action and shooters. He set out to find them so they would test his game. No one knows this man by any other name other than the Creator.

Programmer: "We have perfect gamers for your game. These four should be perfect for the testing."

Creator: "Let me see…"

Programmer: "Here we have the gamer Josh. He is well known at his school for being a first person shooter king. He is especially good at Halo 2 and has a flawless X Box Live record."

Creator: "Hmmm."

Programmer: "Next we have the platformer gamer. Her name is Yuki of Japan. She has unbelievable dedication and high scores on platform arcade games. No one is known to top her high score."

Creator: "That's amazing talent."

Programmer: "Now let me show you the fighter. His name is Shawn. He is by far the best fighter genre gamer we could find. He is extremely skillful in the arcades. Known for his ability to execute 50 hit combos at will. Also he can use any character in any fighting game. He has played almost all of them and has mastered all of the characters in the ones he has played."

Creator: "That is…unbelievable. He will be great in the testing stage."

Programmer: "Allow me to show you the final gamer. His name is Andrew, he is a skillful RPG gamer. He doesn't have many friends and constantly bored. This helped him become an incredible RPG gamer. He spends hours finishing Square ENIX titles. Even now he is playing an RPG simply out of boredom. He knows everything there is to know about any Final Fantasy title off the top of his head. He has the ability to tell you where any item is in any of those games. He is also incredibly smart. He has 5th top GPA in his school."

Creator: "The gamers you have presented me with shall be perfect for the testing stage. All of them shall do well. I will begin preparing invitations for them now."

The Creator sent a letter to each of the four gamers. Each of them seemed to read them at the same exact moment.

Shawn: "Congratulations! You have been invited to take part in…"

Yuki: "Video game testing for our company. To confirm your decision…"

Josh: "…put this CD enclosed within the letter into your disc drive on your PC."

Andrew: "Sincerely yours, GM Designs"

Shawn, Yuki, Josh, and Andrew: "Cool!"

Each of them inserted their discs into their drives and waited. Suddenly, in a flash they all disappeared. They found themselves in an abyss of blackness and 0s and 1s. Not too much longer after that, they found themselves in another world. All together not knowing who the other was. Then a messenger of the creator appeared.

Messenger: "You have all been selected to test our latest game. You are all know inside the game. Oh and there's something else you won't be allowed to leave from here until you have finished the game. So work fast and you will be able to go home. Enjoy."

The messenger grins and disappears leaving the four with messed up facial expressions.

To be continued…