This is my forth poem for hope you enjoy.I made it today Monday, January 03, 2005 during english class.We had to do a poem with prepositional phrases a while back ago.This poem,everyword that starts a sentace is a preposition.Try to find each prepsition.Like what I said I came up with this in class today.

'Hero of the Universe'

Into outterspace.

On a mission.

Across a ocean of stars.

Past the Farplane Star Gate.

Beyond the end of the universe.

Into a blackhole.

A board the starship.

Within it I am.

To save the universe.

From the queen of darkness.

Within the blackhole she is.

Against all forces I shall fight.

Towards the blackhole it pulls me near.

For my dealth awaites me.

Out of the star ship I shall go.

Undernealth mt belt is the mysical holly light sword.

Out of the shealth it goes.

Into the blackhole it peirces throught.

Inside it explodes.

Outside it explodes.

My doom is near.

Despite the blast I'm still alive.

Inside I'm happy because I'm alive and a hero.

Outside my clothes are tattered.

For my beloved I'm happy to be alive.

Beyond in the distance the universe is safe.

Between me and my love space is the barrier.

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