I feel so alone
In this over populated world;
No one's here for me,
I'll always be alone.
Alone is this feeling,
That's hard to explain…
For me:
It starts with an emptiness
That can never be filled.
Slowly it'll grow,
Take over my body…
Take over me entirely,
To leave nothing behind.
It's eaten all the happiness,
All the joy I've ever had,
It's eaten all the emotional pain I feel,
And is slowly working on the physical, too.
Friends can only do so much,
Can fill a part, of this I feel;
A boyfriend couldn't,
It'd only add to the pain.
To be loved by my mother and father,
By family and friends,
By people who care…
It's nice, but just can't do,
Especially when your mother has her husband,
Your father, his girlfriend,
His girlfriend, her daughter,
Her daughter, her family,
Her family, everybody but me;
Your friends, their family,
Their family, everybody but me…
So where do I fit in,
In this endless cycle of people having people,
But never having me?
I need to feel needed,
I need to feel loved,
But with these people my life revolve around,
I have nothing the sort.
I feel so alone,
In this over populated world…
Surly with this many people,
Who's for me?